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Natasha Johnston, a dog walker who was murdered in Surrey last month, is seen here having fun and taking a photo with a friend. The photos came after the 28-year-old’s friends and family paid homage to a “bubbly, beautiful” woman who loved dogs and had expertise with them.

Long rural walks with the dogs were her thing, according to Jo Butchers, 34, a friend of Ms. Johnston from Ryde on the Isle of Wight, where she grew up. She walked a lot of dogs around here, not professionally but with her own and friends’ dogs. Then she relocated, making that her new position in London. She has always loved dogs because she had them growing up.

Natasha Johnston Age

Natasha Johnston was 28 years old.

Natasha Johnston Cause of Death

The animals attacked Ms. Johnston in Caterham on January 12, and she suffered multiple bites to the neck, one of which punctured her jugular vein and caused her death. On June 29, an inquest is scheduled to start.She was not authorised to walk dogs in the area, according to the Tandridge municipality in the area at the time. Ms. Butchers asserted, however, that Ms. Johnston, a resident of Croydon, South London, was a qualified professional with experience.

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She said, “Because she was great with the dogs, I didn’t believe it when I heard the news of her death.” A different friend assured the MoS that she was anything but a dog newcomer. She spoke frequently about her own, whom she adored and always cherished. She used to post footage of the dogs on her Snapchat and appeared to be very content with her job as a dog walker in London. So, bless her, it’s ironic how she was killed.

Ms. Johnston had resided in Ryde with her brother and two dogs before relocating to London. One of my childhood friends’ mothers expressed her and my profound devastation. She was a sweet, lovely girl on the inside and out. When she used to visit my daughter, she would always be a happy person. When they were just teenagers, they used to go out and have fun.

She will be terribly missed. I am aware that many people will attend her burial. She established close friendships while attending a public school. Ms. Johnston began working as a carer part-time while completing her education; this eventually led to a full-time position that she held until she departed the island in 2017. Visits to elderly and vulnerable people’s homes were part of the job at Bluebird Care.

‘She was incredibly brilliant at her job, she made it entertaining for the elderly and made them feel young again,’ a former coworker remarked. Together, we laughed a lot. She always wanted to work with animals and obviously loved dogs, but in the care profession she was just that — caring. A coworker recalled how much she enjoyed dancing. She would dance whenever she had the chance.

She would dance out her angst. She didn’t give a damn if someone needed cheering up or not, so she’d dance. According to rumours, Ms. Johnston once had a Staffordshire bull terrier and had adopted a stray dog. She was spotted in 2018 holding Aurora, a Staffie-like family dog. The number of dogs Ms. Johnston was out walking when she was assaulted is unknown.

Police detained eight dogs, leading to speculation that she exceeded the district’s six-dog per-walk restriction. Two dachshunds and an 11-stone Leonberger named Shiva were among the breeds, none of which were prohibited. They could be kept for a year in kennels while forensic tests are conducted on them. To assuage worried neighbours, Tandridge Council said it is thinking about requiring licenced, professional dog walkers to wear armbands.

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