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Natalie Kane And Harry Wiki – Natalie Kane And Harry Biography

On December 30, 2021, Natalie Kane and her 14-month-old son Harry were found dead in their Whitehaven, Cumbria flat. The mother and son duo who were supposed to celebrate Christmas together but didn’t make it to a friend’s house reportedly. Kane, who was receiving drug addiction support services, did not respond to Christmas messages.

An inquest on Tuesday 6 September revealed that the son died due to dehydration after being left alone for days, while her mother reportedly died after inhaling lighter fluid. She had previously suffered from drug addiction, but a prescribed test a week before her death indicated that she had no other drugs besides the prescribed methadone. Her bodies were discovered several days later. According to DailyMail, paramedics were “visibly upset” after witnessing the bodies of the two.

Natalie Kane And Harry Age

Natalie Kane was 27 years old and Harry is 14 month old.

Natalie Kane And Harry  Cause of Death

According to authorities, Kane grew up in Cumbria and attended Maryport Primary School. He then spent time in the Sea Cadets, which allowed him to travel to different countries. He was also a model. Later, she decided to enlist in the army as a truck driver before being discharged for alcohol problems. The 27-year-old suffered from depression throughout her life and she received support from Recovery Steps Cumbria and Women Out West after suffering from drug addiction and domestic abuse.

In the inquest it was said that Kane was very excited about a ‘proper’ first Christmas with Harry and had bought him many presents. Ella’s brother Scott said: “She was one of the best mothers I have ever seen. She was very loving, considerate and caring. The last year of her life revolved around Harry.” After Harry’s birth, Kane stayed off drugs and has been actively seeking help.

Over Christmas, he had planned to visit another friend, Stacey Hackett, with Harry, but she stopped responding to messages the night before. However, Hackett was not concerned as this was not unusual and she believed the dup might have gone to spend time with her family. On December 30, she thought something was wrong because Kane hadn’t picked up a prescription or contacted any of the support services. She later contacted police and Kane’s neighbors said they hadn’t seen her in days.

Upon entering her apartment, which was unlocked, a paramedic saw a substance on her nose and bottles of lighter fluid, which resembled the substance. Harry’s body was found in the bathroom. After the autopsy, it was believed that Harry may have survived for two or three days after his mother’s death before succumbing to the effects of dehydration.

Coroner’s Assistant Margaret Taylor said: “What we will never know is why Natalie used that butane. She had done so well, it had changed her life, she clearly wasn’t abusing heroin, which had been her drug of choice.” She added: “Natalie Kane died at her home address at an unknown time between December 24-25 after succumbing to the effect of voluntary inhalation of butane. Harry died as a result of dehydration left alone after death. death of his mother.”

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