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A New York woman shared her dismay after discovering that an attractive man she saw on Tinder was also on the police’s ‘Most Wanted’ list. In a recent TikTok video, Adrielle Sigler said that a man whose Tinder profile she thought he liked was apparently wanted for harassment. In the video, which has received more than 3.2 million views,

Adrielle shows off a certain Mitch’s Tinder profile before scrolling to another screen on her iPad to reveal that he is a wanted man. Adrielle started her TikTok video by saying, “Oh, you know.” , I’m just swiping on Tinder.” She then reads some of the traits indicated on the man’s Tinder profile as she displays it on her iPad. ”

Mitchell Costanzo Age

Mitchell Costanzo is 29 years old.

Incident Detail

He’s loving, caring, handsome, and wants to meet the right girl,” the bio reads in the profile section. Adrielle later revealed that she was just “finding a cute guy”. She then flipped the iPad screen to another page with a list, and the TikToker revealed that the man she was considering swiping right is a Leo and “also wanted for stalking.”

The Tinder man’s image was then displayed on another screen, along with his name: Mitchell Costanzo. He was described as a wanted felon in his area on a page that also includes information on why he is wanted. The charges against the man were posted below his photo and included criminal contempt in the first degree and harassment in the fourth degree.

Adrielle claimed in a later video that she recognized the man from her local police department’s Facebook page. “Every week they share the most wanted list,” she added Adrielle. She went on to say: “And a couple of nights later, I saw this guy on Tinder, who is also the most searched!” The video showed that, in November, the Jamestown Police Department posted a post on Facebook listing Costanzo and other offenders for stalking.

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