Milan Lucic’s Wife: Who is Milan Lucic? Meet His Wife

Milan Lucic And Wife Brittany Carnegie

When it comes to the world of sports, fans are not only interested in the athletes’ on-field performance but also their personal lives. One such intriguing story is the relationship between Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic and his wife, Brittany Carnegie Lucic.

Let’s delve into the details of their journey together, exploring who Milan Lucic is and shedding light on the dynamics of their relationship.

Milan Lucic And Wife Brittany Carnegie
Milan Lucic And Wife Brittany Carnegie

Milan Lucic Wife

The Lucic-Carnegie family has grown over the years. The couple has three children – Valentina Lucic, Nikolina Lucic, and Milan Lucic Jr. Their shared moments are often shared on social media, providing fans with a glimpse into their family life.

Milan Lucic’s Instagram post on July 19, 2022, featuring a throwback photo from their wedding day, expressed his happiness, captioning it with “Happy Ten year anniversary!!”

Every relationship faces its share of challenges, and the Lucic-Carnegie union is no exception. In 2012, a domestic violence charge against Milan Lucic was dropped after Brittany invoked marital privilege and chose not to testify against her husband. This incident shed light on the complexities that athletes and their families might face in the public eye.

As of the latest information available, Brittany Carnegie’s Instagram account, @brittanycarnegie, went private on November 16, 2023, following Lucic’s arrest. While her older account remains public, it seems abandoned, with the last post dated April 19, 2018. Despite the challenges, the couple continues to share their moments of joy on social media.

Milan Lucic and Wife Relationship

Milan Lucic’s personal life has been under the spotlight due to his relationship with Brittany Carnegie. Born on August 28, 1987, in Richmond, British Columbia, Brittany is not just a hockey player’s wife; she has her own story.

A former college soccer player, Brittany is known for her love for animals and her active involvement in fundraising for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The couple’s journey began in 2008 when they reportedly met and started dating. After three years of courtship, Milan Lucic and Brittany Carnegie exchanged vows on July 19, 2012. Recently celebrating their ten-year wedding anniversary in July 2022, the couple has shared their joy with the public through social media.

Who is Milan Lucic?

Before delving into the personal aspect of Milan Lucic’s life, it’s essential to know who he is in the world of sports. Milan Lucic, a Canadian professional ice hockey player, has made a significant impact on the National Hockey League (NHL).

Born on June 7, 1988, Lucic played major junior hockey with the Vancouver Giants, capturing the Memorial Cup and earning the tournament MVP title in 2007. His journey continued with the Boston Bruins, where he won a Stanley Cup in 2011. After stints with the Los Angeles Kings and the Edmonton Oilers, Lucic currently plays for the Calgary Flames.


In conclusion, Milan Lucic and Brittany Carnegie have built a life together that goes beyond the ice rink. Their journey, spanning over a decade, reflects the highs and lows that come with fame and relationships in the public eye.

As fans, we are left to admire not only Milan Lucic’s achievements on the hockey rink but also the strength and resilience exhibited by the Lucic-Carnegie family in navigating the challenges that life brings.

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