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Michel Rivard Wiki – Michel Rivard Biography

Michard Rivard’s better half, Catherine Mousseau, is a veteran Canadian entertainer well known for her acting and furthermore the café proprietor. She is known for films like L’odeur des Fauves, L’apparition, Red Half Breed (1970), and The Men and Cormoran (1989). Get to find out about Rivard and his better half.

Who is Michel Rivard Conjointe: Katerine Mousseau? Vocalist Songwriter Michael Rivard is hitched to his wonderful and gifted spouse, Katerine Mousseau. Rivard is a popular lyricist and performer hailing from Quebec.

Michel Rivard Age

Michard Rivard is 70 years old.

Michel Rivard Family – Michel Rivard Fast Facts

Katerine Mousseau carried on with a young marked by experience and cleverness. She is the little girl of the Automatist painter Jean-Paul Mousseau, co-endorser of Refus Global, and the unbelievable entertainer Dyne Mousso. Talking about her amazing guardians, Katerine Mousseau said:

“It was two landmarks. strong and unmistakable characters. They didn’t appear as though anybody. They weren’t seeming to resemble others, and they weren’t hoping to please. They didn’t call themselves craftsmen; they were craftsmans. ”

Her folks, who had an extraordinary public life, were similarly extreme in confidential life. Relationship Timeline And Dating History Of Michel Rivard Michelle Rivard had a relationship with Marie Christine Trottier (1988-2010). According to the source, the couple was honored with two kids, Adèle and Joséphine.

Marie-Christine Trottier is a Canadian radio character. She is notable for Espace Musique. Marie-Christine Trottier is as of now single. She holds Canadian citizenship. Their relationship went on for quite some time, and they got isolated.

What’s more, presently, Michel Rivard is hitched and living joyfully with his child and spouse, Katerine Musou. In any case, a large part of the data is in the Canadian language. Thus, getting a handle on additional about them is very troublesome.

Age Gap Of Michel Rivard And His Conjointe Katerine Musou Both Michael Rivard and his significant other, Katerine Musou, are a similar age. Rivard was born in 1951 in Montreal, Canada, making him 71 out of 2022.

Katerine was born on March 9, 1951, in Montreal, Canada, making her 71 years of age in 2022. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. Michel began his calling early, acting in a Canadian TV series (Rue des Pignons) and TV ads.

Rivard’s calling as a maker and writer began vigorously when he turned into an individual from the dramatic foundation Quenouille Bleue, which was mounted in 1970.

Afterward, he turned into an individual from Théâtre Sainfoin, while he changed into a base in 1973. Rivard formed Beau Dommage with entertainers from Théâtre Sainfoin in 1974. Rivard wrote and composed the tune, Beau Dommage.

Offspring Of Singer-Songwriter And Musician Michel Rivard Antonin Musou, child of Michel Rivard and Katerine Musou, is a cook. Rivard concedes that his child has the bubbling blood of his granddad. From an extremely youthful age, Antonin was more keen on imagination than in school training.

Since the beginning, he has fostered an energy for gastronomy with this “creative soul.” A couple of years after the fact, he opened the renowned Le Mousso eatery in Montreal with his mom, Katerine Mousseau. At present, She likewise owes her calling as an eatery proprietor to her child’s enthusiasm.

“Without a child eatery, there wouldn’t be a café. In the event that Pierre Curzi hadn’t considered telling me,” Katerine, you’re great at it, “I would be Union. I could never have been a de-craftsman bookkeeper.”

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