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With the fake celebrity death prank going viral on TikTok, a number of videos have been circulating of people pranking their family and friends with shocking celebrity deaths. The latest is Slater’s 16-year-old son of veteran actress Angela Bassett, 64, who pranks him that Michael B Jordan had died. Despite going viral, the video received tons of backlash that led the teen to quickly issue an apology later on.

The teen filmed his parents’ reaction to the prank and posted the now-deleted video on TikTok. In the 20-second video, the ‘Black Panther’ actress and her husband Courtney B Vance, 62, looked visibly shocked when she broke the “news” to them. She was heard asking her mother: “Did you hear this: Michael B Jordan dead at 35?” as she immediately reacts in shock.

Michal B Jordan Age

Michal B Jordan was 35 years old.

Michal B Jordan  Cause of Death

She was spotted as the “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” actress. Her placing her hand on her chest as she gaped. The actress, clearly at a loss for words, put down her water bottle as she heard Vance say, “Enough. You’re playing,” as she quickly approaches her son.

She was seen denying the news as she continually said, “Uh-uh”, as she approached Slater. The video ends with Bassett grabbing the phone from her son. It should be noted that the cast of ‘Black Panther’ was devastated when Chadwick Boseman, who played the title character, died of cancer.

The internet wasn’t happy about the prank either. One user tweeted a video of a child being aggressively pushed off a table with the caption: “Angela Bassett and Courtney to her son as soon as he finished filming his prank video.” Another user tweeted: “This whole “trend” is diabolical.

Why is it *funny* to see your parents show emotion and pain? The worst part about this is that this is Angela Bassett and she knows the person her son *jokes* about. And then you post it? I would have to cut some money for a while. Joke about it.

Another user criticized those who were sending death threats to the teen while also acknowledging the situation, saying: “The celebrity death prank on Angela Bassett’s son that she pulled on her was disgusting because she actually knows these people… but he’s a teenager and I think all of you sending him threats and weird messages is equally disgusting.” A fourth user had said: ”

The celebrity death trend on TikTok sucks. I hate that Angela Bassett’s son did that to her. He didn’t even worth RT.” Another user also expressed surprise: “Did Angela Bassett’s son actually pull out his phone, hit the record button and think this would be funny?”

Slater tried to smooth things over and acknowledge his mistake. Shortly after, he posted a video on Instagram, apologizing to Jordan, his family, and his own parents for “any harm I’ve caused,” also saying this was a lesson for everyone on social media to be careful what they do and what they posted.

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