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He stated that after hooligans threatened to kill and rape his family, the elementary school teacher was sacked because of a Facebook post he made. By posting online following two distinct incidences involving a group of young people at his assisted living facility, where his wife provides full-time care for their daughter, Michael Flynn, 52, allegedly broke the social media policy of his school. disabled

The trio allegedly tried to steal a bicycle from the front lawn of his Gillingham, Kent, house on May 23. She allegedly begged them to leave before one of them made threats to stab her and call in individuals who would rape her and kill her family, according to her wife Angela, a former US police officer. Mr. Flynn claims he posted to entice the boys’ parents to get in touch. He claims to have missed the confrontation because he was sleeping during a case of diabetes.

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Michael Flynn is 64 years old.

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He now alleges that his online post resulted in his termination, although his former employer, Twydall Primary School in Gillingham, maintains that their separation was due to protection issues. After the first alleged encounter on May 23, Flynn joined Facebook. Four children attempted to take a bike from his front lawn, according to his post. When confronted, they cursed and yelled at my wife.”

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There was a chase, and a boy tripped and lost his shoes.” Before I call the police, he might want to get in touch with me if this is his son.Twydall is a small town, and I’ll eventually discover it.Therefore, I advise the parents to PM me if you want to resolve this amicably; else, I’ll handle it myself.The same group, however, allegedly returned the following day with a big rock and were about to throw it through a window when Mr. Flynn leaned out and they fled. The following day, he claims, he was dismissed.

Mr. Flynn’s 22-year teaching career is now in jeopardy, and in order to support his stepdaughter who is disabled, he has been obliged to obtain a temporary work as a driver. I haven’t taken anything, and I haven’t threatened anyone, he declared. I committed a crime, but I’m getting punished. Mr. Flynn has worked as a teacher all around the world, including once educating the president of Mexico’s children.

He now worries that he might never work in the industry again. I liked teaching, and this was definitely not how I wanted to get my degree, he declared. The safety of our pupils is our first priority, and we take our duties to safeguard children extremely seriously, according to a school representative. “We can’t discuss specific cases, but incidents that come to our attention are thoroughly investigated and dealt with in accordance with our policies and procedures, which are in line with Department of Education recommendations,” the statement reads.

When questioned if he felt his Facebook post had gone too far, Flynn responded, “The adrenaline was a little high. My wife had just roused me from sleep and informed me that she had received a rape threat.Though I wish I had phrased things differently, I don’t regret looking out for my neighbourhood. Ms. Flynn, a former Louisiana police officer, stays at home to care for her 20-year-old daughter Alexis, who requires round-the-clock assistance due to a diving accident that left her paralysed from the neck down four years ago.

I have to be here for my daughter every single day, and I’m terrified, the woman stated. They claimed that they would return with individuals who would murder my family and rape me. She said, “Alexis wouldn’t have even been able to bring her hands up to stop him from beating her if they had hurled that rock out the window. According to the couple, the assisted living community’s vulnerable neighbours are worried about local anti-social behaviour.

People are frightened to go outside into their gardens and go in bed at night not knowing that what they have fought for is safe, Ms. Flynn continued. They are being held prisoner by these villains. Officers are looking into the abuse aimed towards Ms. Flynn, according to the police.

Children must understand that their acts have consequences, she continued. It will only get worse if they don’t regulate it now, while these kids are still young.As a community, it is our duty to ensure that kids make a difference so they can develop into useful people. There are murderers in every prison in America who first stole a bit of gum.

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