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The baby sustained severe head and facial injuries and was rushed to hospital, where she died shortly after. No charges are expected after a fatal dog attack claimed the life of five-week-old Mia Riley on the south coast of New South Wales. .

The newborn herself was on the floor in a hammock when she was attacked by two rottweilers. She suffered serious head and facial injuries and she was rushed to hospital, where she died shortly thereafter. However, police have since confirmed that no one will be charged for the attack.

Mia Riley Age

Mia Riley was 05 week old.

Mia Riley Cause of Death

It is alleged that Mia was sitting near supervising adults at a cousin’s home on Hawdon St in Moruya, while they were socializing at a family gathering, when the attack occurred around 10:30 p.m. m. of Saturday.

They called an ambulance, NSW Ambulance confirmed, but made the two-minute journey to Moruya hospital when it became clear they couldn’t wait.

Mia died from her injuries shortly after midnight. Police were called to the hospital at 10:48 p.m. m. and is currently investigating the girl’s death.

“Two Rottweiler type dogs, living in the house, have been seized by local council rangers,” NSW Police confirmed.

The Rottweilers, who live in the home, belong to cousins and had been on and off the property all night with no reported problems before the attack.

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