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Melissa Elliott was mercilessly killed by his brother, who asserted liability regarding his activities. Figure out more about this. This case is as yet recognized as one of the fierce family murder cases, and individuals have revealed being creeped out by the house regardless of not grasping its set of experiences. Melissa Elliott was just twelve years of age when she was killed, yet the vast majority recollect her and are as yet inquisitive about the conditions encompassing her demise.

Who Was Melissa Elliott From Mechanicsville, VA? Melissa Elliott was killed on October 4, 1979; she was from Mechanicsville, VA. She was supposed to be exceptionally kind and smart; be that as it may, there are very few individual insights concerning her in the media. According to the source, John H. also, Treva Elliott were her folks; on that specific day, they left for work, passing on their two kids to prepare for school.

Melissa Elliott Age

Melissa Elliott was 50 years old.

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The Elliotts, then again, dislike conventional families. From a past relationship, the spouse had a child. Randy was the name of her blended race child. Treva met John, they wedded, and their girl Melissa was born. Randy was five years of age at that point. The family had as of late moved into the block farmer. Melissa was in 7th grade at Battlefield Elementary School, near her home. The points of interest of what happened that morning are dim.

Eulogy: Melissa Elliott October 4, 1979 Murder Case Revisited Randy Lynn Elliott, Melissa Elliott’s brother, killed her on October 4, 1979. He assaulted and afterward shot his 12-year-old sister two times in the chest, then, at that point, put her body in a huge box behind the home prior to escaping. Two men gathering straw tracked down her body sometime thereafter. They uncovered the container and opened it to see what was inside, where they found the body. The police were gathered, and a manhunt was sent off.

“It seems the adolescent was shot inside her single-story block lodge home and hauled 75-100 yards to the field where she was found.” Randy Lynn Elliott had gotten away from the scene by taking a vehicle from a spot a half-mile from his home. Afterward, he was trapped in Buncombe County, North Carolina, and got back to Virginia to stand preliminary. Randy Lynn Elliott was condemned to life in jail on October 18, 1980, for the homicide of his 12-year-old relative. He is presently housed in Virginia’s Lunenburg Correctional Facility.

He had heard the tale about the youthful person who killed his sister when he was a youngster. Without a doubt, since his family possesses the land on which the homes are fabricated. At the point when the misfortune struck, the Elliotts leased the block farmer from my granddad. At the point when their laborers found the dead, his dad was the only one at the workplace. He had to go out to the property and meet with the police thus.

It was not something he needed to examine. In any event, recounting to us the story took him quite a while. His dad, then again, was enchanted by it. There was a feeling of bewilderment that something could occur on my family’s property.  He felt a moment association with this young lady and a powerful urge to help her. He went about as though he needed to find out about her. At the point when he previously heard the story, he envisioned the young lady was somewhere in the range of 17 and 18. He as of late found that she was without a doubt just 12 at that point.

Subsequent to hearing the story, he went into the house a couple of times to clean up standing water in the storm cellar. The sump siphon would come up short, bringing about flooding in the cellar. As he vacuumed up the water, he’d converse with the young lady. He detected nothing undermining, yet he was exclusively there to get done with a responsibility. Regardless of not knowing its set of experiences, some have revealed being creeped out by the house.

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