Mea Culpa Actor Sean Sagar Talked About His Brother Nick

Nick Andsean Sagar

The latest addition to Tyler Perry’s Netflix projects, “Mea Culpa,” has garnered attention not just for its gripping storyline but also for the talented cast that brings the characters to life.

Among them is Sean Sagar, who not only showcases his acting prowess but also shares the screen with his real-life brother, Nick Sagar. In this article, we delve into the dynamics of the Sagar brothers and their involvement in the film.

Nick Andsean Sagar
Nick Andsean Sagar

Mea Culpa Actor Sean Sagar Talked About His Brothers

Tyler Perry’s “Mea Culpa” revolves around a defense attorney, Mea Harper, played by Kelly Rowland, who finds herself entangled in a dangerous love affair while defending a man accused of murder. Perry, inspired by ’80s and ’90s thrillers, expresses his admiration for the richness and twists in those stories.

I love all of those older thrillers from the ’80s and ’90s… So I wanted to throw back to some of those days.” – Tyler Perry

Rowland’s commitment to her role has been commendable, earning praise from Perry, who emphasizes her complete investment in the character.

The film boasts a stellar cast, including Grammy award-winning singer Kelly Rowland as Mea Harper and Trevante Rhodes as Zyair Malloy, Mea’s client accused of murder. However, it’s the Sagar brothers, Nick and Sean, who add a unique dynamic to the storyline.

  • Ray (Nick Sagar): Nick takes on the role of Ray, an Assistant District Attorney with mayoral aspirations, determined to prove Zyair guilty. Nick’s notable roles in “The Haves and the Have Nots” and “Queen of the South” highlight his acting prowess.
  • Kal (Sean Sagar): Sean portrays Kal, Ray’s unemployed brother, concealing his joblessness from the family. With previous work in “NCIS: Sydney,” “Blue Story,” and “Top Boy,” Sean brings depth to his character.
  • Jimmy (RonReaco Lee): RonReaco Lee adds to the ensemble as Jimmy, a private investigator aiding Mea in uncovering the truth behind Zyair’s case.
  • Charlise (Shannon Thornton): Shannon Thornton plays Charlise, Ray’s wife, providing an interesting dynamic in her relationships with both Ray and Mea.
  • authenticity they bring to their performances.

Nick and Sean Sagar News

The Sagar brothers, Nick and Sean, share a unique bond not just as on-screen colleagues but as real-life siblings. In an interview, Nick Sagar reflects on their creative upbringing, stating, “From an early age if it wasn’t football or piano, it was something she wanted us to do that was creative. I kind of latched onto acting.”

Sean Sagar credits his entry into acting to his brother Ben, mentioning, “‘Ill Manors’ was the first audition I went for. Ever since I did that, a casting agent sent me for another show that I did last year, ‘Top Boy.’”

Their camaraderie is evident as they discuss their close relationship. Nick shares, “We’re close. There’s only two years between us. We were in school together.” Despite their closeness, there were competitive moments. Nick humorously adds, “He doesn’t score goals. No but we’re not really competitive.”

Sean Sagar Siblings

Sean Sagar, the youngest of three siblings, shares the spotlight with his older brothers, Nick and Michael Sagar.

  • Nick Sagar: An accomplished actor known for roles in “Ill Manors,” “Queen of the South,” and “The Princess Switch: Switched Again.”
  • Michael Sagar: Though not extensively covered in this article, Michael is part of the Sagar trio, contributing to the family’s creative lineage.


As Sean and Nick Sagar continue to make waves in the entertainment industry, their collaborative efforts in “Mea Culpa” showcase not only their individual talents but also the strength of their familial bonds. From childhood influences to shared on-screen moments, the Sagar brothers exemplify a unique synergy that adds depth and authenticity to their performances.

In an industry often marked by competition, the Sagar brothers stand as a testament to the power of collaboration and the enduring impact of familial support on artistic endeavors. As audiences enjoy the twists and turns of “Mea Culpa,” they can also appreciate the real-life connections that make the film’s narrative all the more compelling.

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