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Of the three teenagers accused of leading McKenna Brown to end her life, the one who harassed her the most attended her funeral, the teenager’s mother revealed. The 16-year-old from Pinellas County ended her life by suicide on Aug. 7 after being bullied by her former friends and teammates in the Florida Hockey League.

The three players, whose identities have not been released by authorities, were suspended from the Lightning High School Hockey League. According to Marca, despite their actions, “the worst” of the three stalkers still attended Brown’s funeral, but were hesitant to speak to his parents, who were upset by their presence.

McKenna Brown Age

McKenna Brown was 16 years old.

McKenna Brown  Cause of Death

Remembering the heartbreaking incident in ‘Dr. Phil’, Brown’s mother, Cheryl, said: “Not all but one of them came to the funeral, but they didn’t talk to us.” Cheryl further revealed that Brown even wrote them a note before ending his own life. However, she forgot to mention the name of her stalkers in her “reflexive” note, but her mother said that she “knew she had something to do with these girls”.

“She had no idea, to what extent, much of what we learned and put together after that,” Cheryl said. She said Brown, who wanted to play at the University of South Florida, killed himself the day before he started his senior year of high school. Cheryl said the online bullying started after the girls found out that Brown had been talking to the ex-boyfriend of one of the suspects.

She reportedly met her ex-boyfriend on her beach where he began “flirting” with her. “McKenna had asked the only friend/teammate if she would mind if I talked to her ex-boyfriend from two years earlier, and she said it was fine. She realized a few days later that she wasn’t okay with a friend based on about how he retaliated,”

Cheryl reportedly said. She even apologized to her friends for crossing the line, but the girls were relentless. The three suspects allegedly shared “really personal information about McKenna, including her secret that she was raped at the age of 14, for the purpose of embarrassing and humiliating her in front of other teammates.”

Some text messages obtained by Fox even showed one of the stalkers telling him, “You have done us all awful wrong” and “I hope I never see you again.” The stalkers even tried to ‘cancel her’ and ‘leave her without a single friend’. The Hockey League is investigating the matter and is looking into the allegations against the teens. The death of the young woman has left her parents devastated.

They remembered that her daughter was there for everyone and showed kindness even to her bullies. “I just wish she had seen it too. The suspensions would still have happened and the repercussions would have been there, and she would still be here,” Cheryl said.

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