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Maurenzo Smith, a skilled wrestler from Houston, Texas, is allegedly shot to death by the estranged spouse of his alleged girlfriend.

The heavyweight stand-in was shot multiple times and was killed Wednesday morning at a restaurant in Texas.

Smith, 44, was scheduled to fight next week in Colombia, the area of ??seven of his last eight fights.

Smith, who used the nom de plume. Diddy had won his last eight games. Smith had fought striking heavyweights in his most well-known battles, including Chris Arreola, Adam Kownacki, Shannon Briggs, Andy Ruiz and Charles Martin.

Smith never knew how to get past one of those more notable contenders, yet in 2013, he scored an eight-round draw with Vinny Maddalone, the #1 heavyweight in New York.

Tribute: What happened to Maurenzo Smith? Murder and death According to multiple news sources, the boxer who won his most memorable heavyweight boxing title on Showtime was shot to death Wednesday morning at a restaurant in Texas.

The heavyweight fighter’s 28-year-old partner was there to help her complete the terms of her separation from her young husband when they were at Houston’s Crab Station Oyster Bar.

The 61-year-old man and Smith got into an argument before the man left and returned with a firearm, shooting Smith multiple times.

The suspect is currently in a coma.

Hall of Fame announcer Lou DiBella referred to Smith’s death as “another unnecessary shooting.” “Maurenzo fought for me a couple of times, including perhaps the best episode of his career against Vinny Maddalone,” broker Ron Katz wrote on Twitter. Hearing this horrible news has left me extremely paralyzed and discouraged.

What happened between Maurenzo Smith’s girlfriend and her ex-husband? Maurenzo Smith was in an open relationship with her better half even though she had a spouse. She had an estranged spouse, and they were living independently at the time.

Reports say her son husband could have done so without the couple’s association. In addition, she absolutely did not compromise the separation endorsement.

The heavyweight fighter’s 28-year-old partner was there to work out the provisions of her separation from her 61-year-old partner when they were at a fish restaurant in Houston.

The 61-year-old and Smith had been talking for about 20 minutes when the man left and returned with a gun, firing 13 shots and hitting Smith commonly. At the scene, he was recognized as dead. There couldn’t have been different shootings at the restaurant.

The shooter then fled in his vehicle. So, at that moment, when the defendant was going to be captured, he shot himself.

However, the police saved him and he is now in a coma. The family has denied reports that the lady was his girlfriend.

Kathy Smith, an observer, guaranteed that he was going to enter the restaurant with his girl for lunch when he was shot.

Also, I’m like, “Funny (beep)!” expressed, according to KHOU-11.

“Someone had a chance,” I yelled.

The man was at that point on the ground…dead…when we turned.

Where could Maurenzo Smith’s daughters and family be? Maurenzo Smith’s cheerful nature was noted by his family, who communicated his distress and portrayed him as a “truly kind and caring person.”

Smith’s relative Ida Carter said Smith “continually needed help, and that ended him in the situation.”

Regardless of the different distributions and the Harris County Sheriff’s Department representing them as a team, Smith and the woman only recently met last Friday, and they swear that he was not sincerely engaged to her.

To the extent that there was no close connection between a boyfriend and a girlfriend, according to Carter.

The fighter’s father said his son was trying hard to protect an individual.

The father told KHOU-11, ‚ÄúThat’s not your job; It shouldn’t have been him.” We should stop the killing since it worked; it’s terrible.

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