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Forensic expert Matthew Noedel examined the scene of the Moscow, Idaho massacre for Bryan Kohberger’s defense team on Tuesday, January 3, 2023. On December 30, 2022, Bryan Kohberger was arrested for the murder of four University of Idaho students who were found stabbed to death at his King’s Road Home. While authorities have not revealed the connection between the suspect and his alleged victims, he has reportedly been linked to the crime scene through DNA evidence.

The New York Post reported that Matthew Noedel, a forensic expert with nearly 30 years of experience in the field, was seen at the crime scene with Kohberger’s defense team. His findings have yet to be revealed. According to Matthew Noedel’s LinkedIn profile, he is a forensic expert based in Puyallup, Washington. Owner of Noedel Scientific, he has 3 decades of experience in his field, including gunshot reconstruction, crime scene reconstruction, and bloodstain pattern analysis.

Matthew Noedel Age

Matthew Noedel is 30 years old.

Incident Detail

According to his website, he places special emphasis on analyzing bloodstain patterns, a factor that may be crucial to the Idaho massacre, as large bloodstains were found on the walls of the Moscow home. Noedel’s website says that the assessment and examination of bloodstains at crime scenes is quite often overlooked and misinterpreted.

He adds that bloodstains can exist on everything from clothing and walls to behind baseboards and even under rugs. Continue: Due to his experience, Noedel has served as a witness in several cases, while acting as a consultant to various organizations. He has also occasionally made television appearances.

The website describes the reconstruction process for him as “holistic” as he uses various sources to analyze crime scenes. Ted Williams, a former homicide detective and attorney, told Fox News that Matthew Noedel’s involvement could be transformative for the Bryan Kohberger case.

While authorities have not discussed the link between Bryan Kohberger and his alleged victims. Yahoo reported that researchers compared his DNA to a sample submitted by a close relative to a genealogy testing website. The case currently remains under police investigation.

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