Matsuyama’s Caddie Goes Viral: Is Hideki Matsuyama Fired?

Hideki Matsuyama 2

Hello, golf enthusiasts! The Genesis Invitational wrapped up with a spectacular final round, leaving fans buzzing about Hideki Matsuyama’s remarkable victory.

However, it’s not just Matsuyama’s stellar performance that’s making headlines – his caddie, Shota Hayafuji, is once again stealing the spotlight. Let’s delve into the details and explore the intriguing dynamics surrounding Matsuyama’s triumph.

Hideki Matsuyama 2
Hideki Matsuyama

Matsuyama’s Caddie Goes Viral

In a stunning turn of events at Riviera Country Club, Matsuyama fired an impressive final round of 62, securing his ninth PGA Tour title.

The former Masters champion’s outstanding performance included nine birdies, allowing him to overcome a six-shot deficit to Patrick Cantlay and clinch victory after a two-year title drought. The final leaderboard saw Matsuyama at 17 under par, with Will Zalatoris and Luke List closely trailing.

While Matsuyama’s golf prowess is unquestionable, his caddie, Shota Hayafuji, is once again making waves. Golf fans may recall Hayafuji’s viral moment at the 2021 Masters, where he bowed on the 18th green to show respect for Augusta National.

This time, Hayafuji’s charm shone through as he sat by the practice green, vaping and savoring the moment after Matsuyama’s victory.’s reporter shared a delightful observation, stating, “What a lovely, peaceful moment for Hayafuji! His guy just won four million bucks, which means he’s got a nice payday coming his way as well. This is kind of like that scene in the Lion King, except if Mufasa was holding up a vape instead of Simba”.

Matsuyama expressed his gratitude for his team’s support, especially acknowledging his caddie, Hayafuji. He mentioned having a Sunday night dinner reservation, and fans can only hope that Hayafuji gets treated to the best food on the menu. Matsuyama’s victory not only highlights his individual achievement but also underscores the crucial role his caddie plays in the triumph.

Speculations: Is Hideki Matsuyama Fired?

Amidst the celebration, there have been whispers about Matsuyama potentially parting ways with his caddie, given the unorthodox post-round scene. However, as of now, there is no official confirmation about any such decision. Fans eagerly await statements from Matsuyama and his team to clarify the situation.

PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. — The Genesis Invitational concluded with a stunning performance by Japan’s Hideki Matsuyama, firing a remarkable final round of 62 to secure his ninth PGA Tour title.

Matsuyama, a former Masters champion, made an impressive comeback, overcoming a six-shot deficit to Patrick Cantlay, the overnight leader. The victory marked Matsuyama’s first win in two years, showcasing his resilience and skill on the golf course.

Before the final round, I observed an intriguing dynamic between Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele, close friends off the course. Despite their friendship, the range session was silent and focused.

Cantlay and Schauffele, who even served as Cantlay’s best man at his wedding, maintained a competitive edge, not acknowledging each other’s presence. The intensity was palpable, reminiscent of childhood sports rivalries, but on a much grander scale [source:].

As Luke List climbed up the leaderboard, my curiosity led me to investigate his social media presence, only to find a surprising absence. List’s lack of social media accounts presented a unique challenge for the Rogers Report.

However, I managed to uncover information about his wife, Chloe Kirby List, an actress with notable roles in films such as “Momentum” and “The Last Song” [source:].

Hideki Matsuyama’s caddie, Shota Hayafuji, became a viral sensation at the 2021 Masters for bowing on the 18th green after Matsuyama’s victory. This time, Hayafuji caught attention for a different reason. While Matsuyama headed to the scoring tent after the round, Hayafuji sat by the practice green, seemingly enjoying the moment with a vape in hand [source:].

The peaceful scene depicted a victorious Matsuyama and a relaxed Hayafuji, showcasing the camaraderie between player and caddie. Matsuyama’s win not only brought him success but also secured a substantial payday for Hayafuji, emphasizing the crucial role caddies play in a golfer’s journey.

The Guardian’s coverage of the Genesis Invitational provides additional insights into the competitive atmosphere during the final round. Rory McIlroy, despite finishing joint 24th, expressed optimism about his performance, stating, “I think that I’m close

I’m not quite where I want to be”. The article also sheds light on the challenges faced by other contenders like Cantlay and the commendable efforts of Tommy Fleetwood.


As the Genesis Invitational concludes, Matsuyama’s victory and Hayafuji’s viral moment add extra layers to the golf narrative. While Matsuyama basks in the glory of his triumph, the golfing community eagerly anticipates his future plans and potential updates on his caddie situation. Stay tuned for more developments and exciting moments in the world of golf.

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