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An Alabama woman is accused of using drugs and taking nude photos inside her home while her 2-year-old son ran off and drowned in a nearby pond, according to authorities. According to police, 2-year-old Josiah Meadors drowned in a pond on May 2 after leaving his home alone. Marlena Murray, 29, her mother, was charged with criminally negligent homicide on Oct. 11. It was delivered on Tuesday, October 18.

Murray’s indictment alleges that she “recklessly caused the death of another person by being criminally negligent.” At approximately 5:11 p.m. from the house, the WSFA reported. Josiah received CPR before being taken to Elmore Community Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, according to police. Eclectic Police Department Detective Zack Lyles said Murray told 911 that she was outside with her child before he ran away.

Marlena Murray Age

Marlena Murray is 33 years old.

Incident Detail

He allegedly said that he saw her son running after his dog and went to get his cup. Murray claimed to have seen where she was running, but she turned around to seek help from other family members before dialing 911, according to Lyles. However, the police found her statements to be false during the investigation. Lyles claimed that when her son ran away, Murray was inside the house using illicit drugs and taking provocative photos to solicit.

This “speaks volumes” about why the boy ran away, he added. “This is something that is not right,” Lyles told the television station. According to the WSFA, Murray could spend up to a year in the county jail if he is convicted of the negligent homicide charge. His bail amount was set at $75,000. He has not yet appeared in court.

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