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Following an argument between the two, police have detained the man thought to be responsible for the stabbing death of 18-year-old Isaiah Collazo aboard a Brooklyn D train. On Tuesday, April 11, the suspect, Mark Smith, was accused of manslaughter, assault, and two charges of having weapons in his possession.

Collazo, a resident of Staten Island, was on a northbound D train close to the Fourth Avenue and Pacific Street station on Thursday, April 6, around 11:30 p.m., according to police reports. Collazo and Smith got into a fight when Collazo’s companion “joked” him into braking the train.

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Mark Smith is 53 years old.

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Then, according to reports, Smith produced a knife and stabbed Collazo in the belly. Collazo was transported to a hospital, where doctors later declared him to be dead. According to the NY Post, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig stated that Collazo and his buddies were on the platform.

They finally board a train that arrives at a halt at 11:15. “His friend pulls the lever,” “Why the hell did you do that?” asks this man. Essig talked about the “joke” of the brake, which typically makes riders lag. In a sort of melee, he pulls a knife, punches the other person and stabs him.

Smith has a criminal history, according to the chief, which includes charges for robbery in 2020, assault in 2019 and another assault in 2016. Smith was recognised as the attacker by witnesses, including Collazo’s pals, according to Essig.

Essig explained the reason as being “a stupid kid’s joke.” One of Collazo’s pals was also stabbed during the altercation, although his wounds were not life-threatening, Essig continued. Isaiah Collazo, who was originally from Brooklyn, had spent the previous two years residing on Staten Island with his father.

He had been residing at his mother’s home in Florida prior to it. Collazo reportedly had no criminal history and frequently stayed at home to play video games during his free time. Carlos Collazo, Collazo’s father, expressed his sorrow and declared that he “was happy” that his daughter had begun dating.

“I was pleased every time he wanted to go out, which was infrequent. He told the Daily News, “I was hoping he would meet a girl, normal things boys do. “He’s simply too much. My only son, he is. I’m at a loss on what to do. I’ve been devastated.

“My son wasn’t a kid off the street. More than anything, he was at home, and that day, he simply left,” Carlos added. Actually, he was meant to be at home at that point, but he wasn’t. He was annoyed that he wasn’t already at home. This then transpired. He said, ”

He was a sweet young man. My son, he had a big heart. He had never had serious problems or anything similar. He cherished pets. Just a good child, that’s all. He enjoyed playing video games, boxing, and exercising. He always was that way. The distraught father recalled talking to his kid the day before he died. “He announced, ‘Dad, I’m leaving. Please let me get on the bus.

He said, “Yeah, dad. I dropped him off on the bus and asked if he had any money… to make sure he ate,” the man informed Carlos. I have cash on me. That is where we left off, then. I simply told him that I loved him. as I always have. Collazo’s father had counselled him to steer clear of conflict and refrain from provocations ever since the family had relocated to New York. He wasn’t an aggressive or violent kid.

He practised boxing as a sport and a hobby when visiting his mother in Florida, said Carlos. But I often reminded him that he now resided in New York. People don’t always fight. People will hurt you with guns or other dangerous objects. I simply advised him to avoid all situations like that.”Walking away from an argument doesn’t make you any less of a man.”

The event happened at a time when there have been fewer serious crimes reported in the city’s transportation system this year compared to the same period in 2022, with only 578 criminal complaints having been made thus far, up from 621 last year. which is a decline of roughly 7%.

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