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A 99-year-old woman had an unforgettable day recently when she met her 100th great-grandchild. Marguerite “Peg” Koller will soon be 100, but she “felt blessed” to see baby Koller William Balster after he was born on August 4, parents Christine Stokes Balster and Patrick Balster.

Speaking to ‘Good Morning America’, Christine said: “We went to grandma’s house, introduced her to Koller, who goes by the surname’s name. …She was absolutely ecstatic. Limited words for sure. She was so happy and felt so blessed and lucky to hold him,” before noting, “You could feel the excitement and the gratitude and [she] just felt blessed again to be able to hold another great-grandchild, and this one named after my grandfather.

Marguerite ‘Peg’ Koller Age

Marguerite ‘Peg’ Koller is 99 years old.

Incident Detail

Marguerite is reportedly the mother of 11 children with 56 grandchildren and now 100 great-grandchildren. The proud mother of the newborn revealed: “It was a race to 100. My cousin Colleen and I were only a day apart [for] our due dates, and she had great-grandchild number 99, who is absolutely healthy and beautiful. So you know, just grateful, blessed that other babies are joining this great family.”

Christine and Patrick are already parents to 22-month-old Griffin David Balster. Griffin’s name is a tribute to his late uncle, David Stokes, who died in 1990 due to brain cancer. After the birth of his second child, the couple also wanted a meaningful name for him.

Patrick explained: “We wanted to do as a name that was equally meaningful. I’ve always loved the name Cole. And Chris one day said, ‘Hey, what about Koller? This could be the 100th baby for great-grandma. We thought of Koller and went with William Koller…William Koller was the name of her grandfather [Peg Koller’s late husband, who died in 2008]. And then ‘William’ is also on my side of the family, I’m fourth generation William, middle name. So we thought, it just made sense. It felt good.”

The new mum added: “I think every one of my mum’s siblings, she’s one of 11, she felt it was a huge honor for my late grandfather and the family name. [It was] so much love, so much support immediately once we revealed what her name was, and even more special that she was the 100th great-grandchild. So the timing was right.”

Furthermore, Christine also shed light on the long life of her grandmother, who will celebrate her birthday in November. She stated: “Faith and family really lift her up. She is there no matter what is going on and no matter how old she is. I mean she never misses a graduation, a christening, a wedding, a book moment in grade school. Whatever it is, she’s always there.”

Previously, in 2015, Marguerite had told WPVI, “I thought I wanted 12, but after I started getting them, I wasn’t sure I wanted that many. He wanted to have a big family. I think it’s hard being an only child, it’s lonely.” Her grandson, Greg Stokes, added at the time: “She’s really an inspiration. And being the age that she is and still doing it every day, it’s amazing.”

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