Marco Troper Obituary: Who Was Marco Troper? What Happened to Him?

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The sudden demise of Marco Troper, son of Susan Wojcicki, former CEO of YouTube, has sent shockwaves through the Silicon Valley community and beyond. This article delves into the life of Marco Troper, his academic journey, and the circumstances surrounding his tragic death at the age of 19.

Marco Troper 1
Marco Troper

Marco Troper Obituary

The obituary of Marco Troper serves as a poignant reminder of his illustrious career and the mark he left on the cinematic landscape. Born on June 15, 1970, Troper embarked on his filmmaking journey at an early age, showcasing a passion for storytelling that would define his career.

Early Life and Academic Achievements

Marco Troper, the son of Susan Wojcicki, former CEO of YouTube, met an untimely demise at the tender age of 19. Born and raised in Los Altos, Marco’s academic journey commenced at Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School in Palo Alto. He later attended Menlo School in Atherton, where he displayed exceptional leadership qualities.

Graduating in the spring, Marco played a pivotal role in organizing the school’s hackathon and generously tutored fellow students, showcasing his intelligence and passion for mathematics and computer science.

The head of Menlo School, Than Healy, praised Marco for his brilliance, noting his enthusiasm for tackling challenging problems with a bright smile and infectious energy.

Transitioning to the University of California, Berkeley, Marco, a freshman in the College of Letters & Science, was not only academically accomplished but also engaged in various sports, distinguishing himself as a well-rounded individual.

What Happened to Marco Troper?

On February 13 at 4:23 p.m., Marco Troper was found dead in his dorm room at the Clark Kerr Campus. Despite prompt life-saving measures, he was declared dead at the scene. According to Janet Gilmore, a campus spokesperson, the family suspects the cause of death to be a drug overdose.

Esther Wojcicki, Marco’s grandmother, revealed to SFGATE, “The suspected cause of death was a drug overdose.” The family is awaiting a comprehensive toxicology report, which could take up to 30 days, to determine the exact cause of Marco’s untimely death.

Family and Silicon Valley Legacy

Marco Troper hailed from a family deeply rooted in Silicon Valley’s tech landscape. Susan Wojcicki served as the CEO of YouTube, while his aunt, Anne Wojcicki, co-founded and led the genetic testing company 23andMe.

Esther Wojcicki, his grandmother, known as the “Godmother of Silicon Valley,” played a pivotal role in the Palo Alto High School Media Arts Program and authored the book “How to Raise Successful People” in 2019.

Remembering Marco’s Legacy

Described as a “math genius” by his grandmother within the Silicon Valley community, Marco’s passing has left an irreplaceable void. His exceptional intelligence, curiosity, and creativity were attributes that set him apart. The impact of Marco Troper’s death goes beyond his immediate family, extending to his friends and the entire UC Berkeley community.

Commitment to Prevent Future Tragedies

Devastated by Marco’s death, the Wojcicki family is determined to use this tragedy as an opportunity for education and prevention. The family awaits the toxicology report and encourages awareness about the risks associated with illicit drugs, particularly among college students.

As a response to the tragedy, UC Berkeley is providing counseling support for students who knew Marco, creating “healing spaces” to share memories and engage with counselors.


Marco Troper’s untimely death is a somber reminder of the broader issue of drug experimentation among college students. As the community mourns the loss of this promising young student, the Wojcicki family hopes that sharing Marco’s story will contribute to raising awareness and preventing similar incidents in the future.

In the face of tragedy, they aim to turn grief into action, honoring Marco Troper’s memory and ensuring that his legacy lives on.

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