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After a search of his home was prompted by a marijuana vending machine, a Detroit man entered a guilty plea to a firearms charge. This week, Marcellus Cornwell, 44, entered a guilty plea to the charge of having a firearm while a felon.Authorities learned of a marijuana vending machine attached to his property in the Mettetal neighbourhood near Fenkell through an anonymous information they received last year.

Marcellus Cornwell Age

Marcellus Cornwell is 43 years old.

Marcellus Cornwell Incident Detail

Before searching the home and interviewing Cornwell, agents spied on him and twice bought marijuana from the vending machine. The vending machine has been run by Cornwell for four years, and he claims to earn around $2,000 each day from it, according to the feds. Authorities searched the house after an investigation and found 18 weapons, marijuana, and ammo in a basement gun safe.

Prior convictions for Cornwell included armed robbery, felony firearm possession, identity theft, and possession of a firearm while a felon. Authorities claimed that three of Cornwell’s firearms had been reported as stolen. The maximum punishment for Cornwell is 10 years in jail and/or a $250,000 fine.

“Our neighbourhood is at risk from firearms. Convicted criminals have no business possessing these firearms. The defendant’s behaviour was made even more outrageous by the quantity of guns he had access to despite being a restricted person and his drug peddling, according to U.S. Attorney Dawn Ison.

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