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On the twentieth of January 2006, Thenjiwe supposedly made mamthembu Tiktok for the executioners to act like drifters out and about close to Colenso that she and her better half were to utilize. Thenjiwe Griffiths, who was supposed to be a whore, was condemned to life in jail for the homicide of her significant other by the Pietermaritzburg High Court. Who Is mamthembu Tiktok? mamthembu is a TikTok client who became popular subsequent to discussing Thenjiwe Griffiths; be that as it may, her video has since been pulled from the stage.

As per the Twitter client, she gives off an impression of being the woman who posted a video about how guys don’t kill for no purpose. One use stated, “Mamthembu decided to take to Tiktok live to make a commotion about how “ayikho indoda engabulala umfazi kungena sizathu” and I am staying here watching. I’m irritated at myself.”

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mamthembu Tiktok’s age is Unkown.

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A few clients have mentioned that she freely apologize to all people for offering such a hostile comment. Individuals might be confused by this Twitter, yet since she has eliminated the video, this point will stay a secret for the vast majority of us. Thenjiwe Griffiths, who was indicted for the homicide and burglary of her kid spouse, Alan, by the KwaZulu-Natal High Court, is the lady she referenced.

Thenjiwe Griffiths Acquitted Of Murdering Husband Alan Griffiths Thenjiwe Griffiths has been imprisoned at Westville Prison for over two years in the wake of being sentenced for homicide and burglary in the 2006 passing of her kid spouse, Allan Griffiths. After three allure courts upset her conviction, a lady carrying out a day to day existence punishment for the homicide of her tipsy spouse during a supposed phony commandeering is expected to be delivered.

Narainsamy Naidoo, her legal counselor, let News24 know that he had acquired the essential reports from the court and was en route to the jail to see his client. At the point when Allan Griffiths, who additionally had the bipolar sickness, met Thenjiwe, then, at that point, 25, his situation at the Richards Bay Municipality had been medicinally boarded. Alan’s condition had disintegrated essentially following the marriage, as indicated by Mare. He guaranteed that he had talked about with Alan and Thenjiwe the ramifications of their local area property marriage.

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