Malia Obama New Name: Malia Obama Changes Her Name

Malia Obama

In a surprising turn of events, Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, has made headlines for adopting a new stage name: Malia Ann.

The revelation took place at the Sundance Institute during the debut of her short film “The Heart.” This shift has sparked curiosity and discussions about the reasons behind Malia Obama’s decision to change her name and its potential impact on her budding Hollywood career.

Malia Obama
Malia Obama

Malia Obama’s New Name

In December, the Sundance Institute unveiled the list of short films scheduled for screening, with one name capturing attention – “Malia Ann.” The credits revealed her as the director of a short film titled “The Heart.”

The subsequent “Meet the Artist” video shared by Sundance shed light on her familiar identity as Malia Obama. The decision to go by Malia Ann professionally has raised questions about nepotism and privilege, given her prominent parentage.

According to The Cut, the weeks following the film’s debut witnessed social media discussions on nepotism. Critics raised concerns about Malia’s involvement in major Hollywood projects, attributing it to her family connections.

Responding to the criticism on The View, Whoopi Goldberg defended Malia’s decision, emphasizing her right to choose her name. E! reports that Malia will stick with Malia Ann for the time being, at least professionally, possibly indicating a desire to establish her identity separate from her famous parents.

What is Malia Obama Stage Name?

As Malia Obama strides confidently into her Hollywood career, she has made a significant choice – to adopt a new stage name, Malia Ann.

This revelation was made during the Sundance Institute’s “Meet the Artist” spotlight video, where she introduced herself as a filmmaker. This move is seen as an effort to distance herself from the immense fame of her parents, Barack and Michelle Obama.

According to NY Daily News, Donald Glover, who worked with Malia on his Amazon show “Swarm,” commended her writing style and predicted a bright future for her in the industry. He expressed, “I feel like she’s just somebody who’s gonna have really good things coming soon.”

Malia Obama Changes Her Name

The decision to change her name from Malia Obama to Malia Ann is not merely a cosmetic alteration but a deliberate choice to forge her own path. As Hindustan Times reports, this decision is rooted in a desire to establish a unique identity apart from her well-known Obama family name.

Malia’s name change aligns with a trend observed among celebrity offspring in Hollywood. Notable examples include Nicolas Cage, who adopted a stage name instead of his family name Coppola, and Angelina Jolie, who distanced herself from her surname Voight.


In conclusion, Malia Obama’s transition to Malia Ann in her Hollywood career has stirred conversations about individual identity, nepotism, and the dynamics of fame. While critics discuss the potential advantages of her familial connections, Malia’s decision appears to be a strategic move to carve her niche in the competitive world of filmmaking.

As she navigates this new chapter, only time will reveal the impact of Malia Ann’s Hollywood journey and the legacy she aims to build independently of her iconic parents.

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