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Madonna recently uploaded a photo of herself with her six children. In doing so, she gave her 18.5 million Instagram followers a glimpse of her and her son David de ella, who stole the show by going shirtless in a pair of bell-bottoms. with sequins

wishes.” She was reportedly celebrating her 64th birthday in Italy. She wrote “Tanti auguiri” as the caption on the family photo, which translates to “best wishes.” She was reportedly celebrating her 64th birthday in Italy.

Madonna Age

Madonna is 38 years old.

Incident Detail

The pop queen, dressed in a long black lace dress and a white top hat, was standing at the center of the group, with Mercy and David, both 16, Rocco, 22, Lourdes, 25, and the twins Estere and Stelle,16 .

Mercy flashed her bright, contagious grin while wearing an eye-catching outfit with a green design and her raven-black hair tied up, ostensibly in a ponytail. David completed his edgy look with a pair of black heeled Chelsea boots, a fedora hat and a vintage black purse while proudly displaying his toned figure. He also displayed his taste of him in jewelery by wearing a number of necklaces, one of which was a large black and white signature piece that reached all the way to his chest.

Madonna had recently said that David wore her clothes better than she did on the ‘Tonight Show’. Rocco looked like he was wearing a black outfit while he stood behind his mother and his siblings for the photograph while Lourdes, who stood next to him, looked like she was on her way to become a fashion trendsetter just like her mom.

She chose a seductive aqua-colored outfit for her birthday celebration de ella, and she tied her black hair up into a high ponytail. Her twin sisters de ella de ella were adorably dressed in knee-length skirts with a matching black and white pattern. Both Estere and Stelle braided their black hair that were covered in jewels. According to the Mirror, the family is presently residing at the opulent Palazzo Castelluccio, a Sicilian mansion from the 18th century. Fans of the ‘Material Girl’ and her friends of her were blown away by the photos and snaps of the party that followed.

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