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Following the Saturday night shooting deaths of gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf in Prayagraj in front of the cameras, the father of one of the attackers said that his son was unemployed and a drug addict.

The father of one of the gunmen who was caught, Lovelesh Tiwari, informed reporters on Sunday that Lovelesh was his son. They watched what happened on TV. Lovelesh’s actions and involvement in them were unknown to them. He was never a member of the family and never lived in their House.

Lovelesh Tiwari Age

Lovelesh Tiwari is 22 years old.

Incident Detail

He told none of his family members anything. He had arrived there five or six days before. He was last in touch with them a few years ago. He was detained and there is already a case against him. Let’s get into the details of Lovelesh Tiwari’s age.

The age of Lovelesh Tiwari is 22. Sarvesh Tiwari, his younger brother, said that Lovelesh last came home about a week ago and added, “He used to take a lot of drugs.” Lovelesh is a native of Kotwali in the Banda district. Tiwari’s Facebook profile states that he is a Bajrang Dal leader.

In his profile, he describes himself as a Zila Sah Pramukh of the Bajrang Dal. Lavlesh’s father, Yagya Tiwari, has cut off contact with them and claims they don’t know how he got there. The three were holding a fake camera, microphone, and press credentials.

They might have been mistaken for reporters wanting to speak with Atiq Ahmed, a thug turned politician, and his brother Ashraf.Atiq and Ashraf were taken for a medical examination on Saturday in Prayagraj while being held by the police. They stopped to respond to questions.

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At that instant the first shot was fired. The murders of Atiq and Ashraf stood out from all others. A number of well-known people were killed in front of the cameras. The inhabitants of Uttar Pradesh were filled with fear because of the criminal who was sprawled out on the ground. At close range, dead on target.

They fired about a dozen rounds from Zigana handguns in roughly 22 seconds, instantaneously killing Atiq and Ashraf.Lovelesh Tiwari, one of the three gunmen who killed Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf, was also hit by a bullet during the ruckus, according to a source on the ongoing incident in Uttar Pradesh.

Lovelesh was reportedly shot after being struck by another criminal, according to sources. Lovelesh is being treated in Prayagraj’s Swaroop Rani Nehru Hospital and is allegedly not in danger. The three attackers have been charged by the police under sections 302 (the penalty for murder), 307 (attempt to kill), the Arms Act, and the Criminal Law Amendment Act.

Lovelesh Tiwari, a resident of Banda, Mohit alias Sunny, a resident of Hamirpur, and Arun Maurya, a resident of Kasganj, are the three accused individuals. The crime scene also contained the tools of the crime.

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