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Atiq Ahmed, a former politician, and his brother were shot and killed on Saturday night by unidentified gunmen. The incident happened when the Ahmed brothers were being taken by police to the hospital. Reporters were on the site when the deadly incident happened, and they documented it.

The passing of the former lawmaker and his brother has drawn a lot of public interest. Many people are curious about the former Indian politician’s health. What is known about Atiq Ahmed’s health problems is listed below.Atiq Ahmed was a notorious inmate.

Atiq Ahmed Age

Atiq Ahmed was 60 years old.

Atiq Ahmed Cause of Death

He had been in police detention for a while in connection with a number of incidents, including the murder of Umesh Pal. The main suspect in Pal’s murder case was the mafia-turned-politician. Atiq Ahmed, a prisoner at Prayagraj Jail, reportedly told the authorities that he was feeling under the weather.

Two medical personnel checked his condition after he complained about a health issue and gave him blood pressure medication. But he told the physicians that his blood pressure was still going up. Atiq also had trouble drifting off to sleep.

The prisoner reportedly said he could only sleep for two hours at a time and complained about the room’s excessive temperature. Additionally, Atiq Ahmed’s exact medical issue has not been made public. When it comes to the query “Did Atiq Ahmed have cancer?

The solution is not evident.However, the main suspect in the murder of Umesh Pal had certain medical problems. Could it be that Atiq and his brother Ashraf Ahmed were led by police to a doctor’s appointment as a result of the aforementioned complaints?

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Atiq Ahmed was a well-known figure in the criminal and political worlds, as you may already be aware. In 1979, the former politician was first implicated in a murder investigation. Ahmed gained notoriety and power in the western region of Allahabad city during the 1980s.

The former Indian politician ultimately won the first election in 1989 as an independent candidate.Atiq subsequently won the seat twice in a row, according to the BBC. While serving as a congressman for the regional Samajwadi party (SP), he earned his fourth victory.

In the 2004 federal election, he campaigned as an SP candidate and won a seat, becoming an MP. However, cases were still being launched against him in Allahabad and other state regions. Throughout the next ten years, Ahmed ran in a few more elections, but he lost each one.

The former politician was brought back to Prayagraj from Gujarat in March of this year. In 2019, India’s highest court had ordered that he be transferred to a prison in Gujarat state after it was discovered that he had planned attacks on a businessman from prison in Uttar Pradesh, where he was imprisoned while awaiting trial in another case to attend the local court’s announcement of his sentence in a kidnapping case.

Atiq was also transported to the city for additional research. He also invited his brother Ashraf to the city so they could question him. Ashraf was detained in the Bareilly neighbourhood. Umesh Pal’s murder in February was under investigation, and the Ahmed brothers were suspects. Umesh was a crucial witness in the 2005 murder trial of Raju Pal.

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