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Liam Hampson’s phone was reportedly ringing off the hook as his concerned friends tried their best to find him after he disappeared at 4:30am. on Tuesday, October 18, 2022 from a Spanish nightclub. But the desperation to find him safe did not end well when staff members at the Sala Apolo music club in Barcelona found him dead on Wednesday.

It was reported that it was the buzzing of the 24-year-old’s phone that only led employees to the body lying on the floor in a prohibited area of ??the club. Now, it has also been discovered how the Redcliffe Dolphins player ended up going to the secluded area of ??the bar while the images from the security cameras showed his last moments before the tragedy.

Liam Hampson Age

Liam Hampson is 24 years old.

Incident Detail

According to club director Albert Guijarro, as reported by the Daily Mail, “The entire journey that Liam took is recorded step by step.” Pebble reportedly claimed that surveillance footage showed Hampson exiting the club’s main room through an emergency door before reaching a terrace through a second emergency door. However, the young man soon understood that the doors he used to reach the terrace region could not be opened from the other end.

Guijarro also pointed out that “then Hampson saw a 50-meter wall” and “without thinking: he jumped it and fell into a void where some pipes pass. Pebble said that the path Hampson took was “very clear and illuminated” and that he “jumped to a place that was not even in the middle of his route” and “it was not well understood” why he made that decision. the media outlet said.

The club manager mentioned that club workers finally heard Hampson’s phone ring almost 30 hours after he went missing, resulting in the shocking find. “A cell phone rang with a sound… we didn’t know where it came from, we finally saw that it came from the ducts,” Guijarro added. Additionally, reports said surveillance video has now been turned over to police.

In a statement, the club said: “These are sad and very painful times. In the first place for all the people affected by the unforeseeable accident that occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, October 18, in the outdoor facilities of the Apolo site. It has also been sad for those of us who are part of this organization. Management and the entire team at Apolo are beyond shocked by what has happened and we express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Liam Hampson.”

Meanwhile, a Catalan newspaper called La Vanguardia, citing anonymous police sources, has reported: “The friends he was with lost sight of him and thought he was not feeling well and returned to the hotel. But he wasn’t there when they got to his room and after waiting what they considered a reasonable amount of time, he spoke to his family and alerted the police while asking for the public’s help in locating him.”

La Vanguardia also pointed out: “The young man had fallen into an internal courtyard from a height of 14 meters and died instantly. Police have concluded from a reconstruction of the victim’s movements, that he must have gotten lost at the scene and tried to get to another location by going through what turned out to be an emergency door,” before adding, “That led to one space in which there was was a small wall that he jumped over without difficulty, without seeing through the darkness that on the other side there was a drop to the inner courtyard in which he submerged”.

A GoFundMe was also set up to financially help Hampson’s family get him home for the final service. His friend, Jordan Riki, launched the campaign with a message that read: “Hello my name is Jordan Riki, on behalf of Liam’s family and friends we would like to support his beautiful family in helping bring Liam home. . Also supporting his family in this difficult time.

“As we all know, Liam was a beautiful soul who brought people together with his love, wisdom and jokes. Liam was an outstanding talent on and off the football field, whether it was helping his teammates win a nail-biting game or educating children and many others about the life and wisdom of him. We love Liam and any donation would be a great help, thank you.”

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