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Leilani Simon and Quinton Simon Wiki – Leilani Simon and Quinton Simon Biography

The heartbreaking obituary of little boy Quinton Simon has caused quite a stir on the internet. The 20-month-old Georgia boy mysteriously disappeared from his Buckhalter Road home on October 5 and his mother, Leilani Simon, was named the prime suspect. Quinton’s obituary, describing the boy’s short but happy life, noted that he “went to heaven.” “on October 5th, the day he was reported missing.” he loved watching PJ Masks, Paw Patrol and Dragon Tales.

He enjoyed chasing his brother and copying everything he did,” the obituary said. “He would say ‘thank you’ no matter what, even if he was the one doing something for someone else.” Quinton was presumed dead on October 12 and shortly thereafter, the boy’s remains were discovered in a Georgia landfill on November 18. However, only after a week, DNA analysis confirmed the bones belonged to Quinton, prompting the arrest. from Leilani.

Leilani Simon and Quinton Simon Age

Leilani Simon is 22 years old.

Leilani Simon and Quinton Simon Incident Detail

“In the mornings, if there was music, she would dance, smile, spin in circles and clap her hands,” the family recalled. Quinton always gave everyone love and hugged their legs. Every time he did something he was proud of, he would walk up to whoever was nearby and say “boom,” which was a little fist bump,” he added.

The obituary went on to list the names of Quinton’s family members. “Survivors include his mother, Leilani Maree Simon; father, Henry Moss, Jr.; a brother and sister; grandparents, Billie and Tommy Howell; great-grandparents, Vernon and Ruth Sikes, Michael and Evelyn Simon; uncles, Michael Simon, Matthew Simon, Logan Simon, Paul Simon, Joe Swain and Quinton Betterton Arrangements are pending at this time.”

However, netizens were furious that the obituary mentioned Quinton’s mother, Leilani, who is allegedly responsible for the boy’s death. One user wrote: “Quinton Simon’s obituary. He was bright, happy, funny, smart and loving,” he says. The article lists Leilani Simon, Quinton’s mother, as a “survivor.” Leilani remains in the Chatham County Jail charged with Quinton’s murder. @wsav.”

Another said: “Thank you very much Brett. In my opinion, I do not believe that this mother’s name should have been listed as a survivor. She was not a mother to him. She took his life. Sorry to say Q.” Users were also perplexed that the obituary mentioned the exact transcript Leilani said in an interview for Michael Simon.

“This obituary is the exact transcript that Leilani wrote when her brother Michael Simon was interviewed by Voices Behind Walls. People were asking how Quinton and Leilani wrote all this stuff in a newspaper and Michael read it. I took notes of that interview. Disgusting. One user wrote: “Why doesn’t he just say he was loved and will be missed by everyone? There is something sinister about this obituary and it makes me uncomfortable to read it.”

Another user chimed in: “Because they are words taken from an interview. Quinton could have cared less. I say it and I will keep saying it! That Gma is just as guilty as LS.” “Just when you think you can’t dislike this family more than you already do…” one tweet read. “But they didn’t bother to list their siblings’ names! She doesn’t deserve to be in her obituary.”

After Quinton was confirmed dead, Leilani was arrested and taken to the Chatham County Detention Center on Monday, November 21. Leilani has been charged with murder and concealing the death of another person, including charges of false reporting and false statements involving her son. However, she pleaded not guilty to all charges and was denied bail.

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