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Singer, songwriter and actor Lee Ryan has been confirmed to be responsible for the racially aggravated assault on black flight attendant Leah Gordon. During the incident, Ryan, known for playing Harry “Woody” Woordward on EastEnders, told him that he wants the “chocolate children” from him.

Other accusations included being drunk on a flight, biting a police officer and abusing the crew. After the verdict, Ryan tried to avoid the photographers. During her court appearance, Gordon said that Ryan called her beautiful and instantly slipped on her sunglasses. Stating that he was commenting on her complexion, Gordon continued: Ryan walked up to her and said that he wanted a kiss from her.

Lee Ryan Age

Lee Ryan is 39 years old.

Incident Detail

The passengers immediately ran towards them when Ryan grabbed Gordon’s wrists. Remembering the moment, Gordon said: Ryan then approached her and told her that he wanted a kiss from her. The passengers immediately ran towards them when Ryan grabbed Gordon’s wrists. Remembering the moment, Gordon said:

Lee Ryan said the only thing he remembers is asking his fellow traveler about the book he was reading. He clarified that he is not racist and that he never meant to hurt anyone. The 39-year-old apologized for groping Gordon and was ready to offer up some tickets to his upcoming tour.

The arrest footage revealed that he was crying and stating that he was not wrong. Lee Ryan has appeared in a few television shows and movies, but he is best known for his appearance as Harry “Woody” Woodward on the popular soap opera EastEnders. . The character first appeared on April 18, 2017.

He appeared in different storylines throughout the show including the sale of Vic’s freehold and the Weyland & Co. drama. He left the program, and although he returned, he left again on November 28, 2017. He returned again the following year and left for good on June 15, 2018, when he was caught with the stolen E20 money and was going to Spain .

The character’s father died when he was a child and he told his friends that his father went to the United States to open a business. When his mother fell apart, Woody considered himself the head of the family and landed a round of paper paying £6 a week, which he gave to his mother.

Created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland, EastEnders has aired 6,624 episodes since February 19, 1985. Despite being criticized for various reasons, the show has received decent feedback from critics and audiences. Lee Ryan is known for his appearances on different television shows. he shows along with his albums and singles.

Despite having a successful career, his net worth has been $1,000 and his financial and legal troubles have played a role in reducing his overall earnings. He was driving his Mercedes at a speed of 70 mph in 2020 and was caught by police.

He had the charges dropped, but he had to pay a $2,000 fee and during a court hearing the following year, he said he had nothing left in his pocket to pay the money. He said at the time: He released his self-titled album in August 2005. Reviews were mostly mixed towards the album and although it reached the top of some charts, it did not meet with the expected commercial success.

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