Larry David Wife: Who Is Larry David Married to? Know Larry Wife’s Name, Age, and Kids

Larry David Wife

Larry David, the renowned American comedian, and co-creator of Seinfeld found love in the most unexpected place – Sacha Baron Cohen’s birthday party in 2017. This meeting sparked a romantic connection with Ashley Underwood, a woman who would soon become a significant part of his life.

Larry David Wife
Larry David Wife

Larry David Wife

Ashley Underwood, Larry David’s wife, has managed to keep a low profile despite being married to one of Hollywood’s funniest personalities. The couple’s journey wasn’t without its challenges;

Ashley moved in with Larry and his daughter Cazzie David in 2019, facing the complexities of integrating into their lives. Despite the hurdles, the couple’s determination triumphed, culminating in their joyous wedding on October 8, 2020, in Southern California.

Who Is Larry David Married to?

Ashley Underwood is not just Larry David’s wife; she is a prominent Hollywood producer who embarked on her career in 2018. Her introduction to the entertainment scene was through her involvement in Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Who Is America?” Ashley’s professional life is intertwined with influential figures like actress Isla Fisher, Cohen’s wife.

Beyond her career, Underwood is an animal lover. In 2019, she moved into Larry David’s Pacific Palisades residence, bringing her cat Elwood along. The couple further expanded their family by adopting an Australian shepherd puppy named Bernie, paying homage to Larry’s distant cousin Bernie Sanders.

Ashley’s Admiration for Larry’s Humor

Ashley Underwood not only supports Larry David in his endeavors but also appreciates his humor. In a candid statement to GQ in February 2020, she shared a humorous anecdote about Larry’s comedic timing:

“We’ll be at a dinner party, and Larry will take his last bit of food and just stand up for us to go. I just shrug. He gets the laugh, and I get to ride his coattails.”

Maintaining Privacy Amidst the Spotlight

Despite being married to a public figure, Ashley Underwood has successfully shielded her personal life from the prying eyes of the media. Larry David’s decision to postpone an HBO documentary on his life in February 2022 may have offered a glimpse into their private world,

but the comedian chose a different path, stating, “Larry has decided he wants to do it in front of an audience,” as tweeted by HBO Documentaries.

Larry David’s Proud Fatherhood

Larry David is not only a comedic genius but also a proud father to two adult daughters, Cazzie and Romy David, born during the Seinfeld era with his ex-wife Laurie David. Larry’s unconventional approach to parenting, including his willingness to say “yes” to his daughters, has created a unique bond with them.

Larrys Wifes Kids
Larrys Wifes Kids

In an interview with The Guardian in 2010, Larry humorously reflected on his parenting style: “Sometimes I think I’m a terrible father. I don’t have a spine. In my physical make-up ? you won’t find one in my X-ray. I have trouble saying no to people, so anything a kid would ask, I’ll just say yes to.”

Larry’s Wife’s Kids

Cazzie and Romy David have not shied away from the spotlight. Inspired by Larry’s humor, both daughters made their on-screen debut at a young age. Cazzie, born in 1994, appeared in Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy” in 2022 and created the web series “Eighty-Sixed” in 2017. Romy, born in 1996, joined her father in a 2007 episode of “Hannah Montana.”

From the hilarity of Larry David’s parenting style to the daughters’ ventures in the entertainment industry, the David family remains an intriguing subject of public fascination.

Larry David’s marriage to Ashley Underwood and his role as a father adds layers to his public persona. While Ashley maintains a certain mystery, the David family’s dynamic and achievements continue to capture the imagination of fans worldwide.

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