Lance Stroll Girlfriend: Is Lance Stroll Married?

Lance Stroll And Wife Marilou Belanger

When it comes to the world of Formula One, the spotlight not only shines on the racetrack but also on the personal lives of the drivers. One name that has caught the attention of many is Lance Stroll, a Canadian race car driver making waves in the FIA Formula One World Championship.

Amidst the cheers and the roars of the engines, fans often wonder about the romantic side of their favorite drivers. In this article, we delve into the intriguing aspects of Lance Stroll’s love life, exploring his past relationships and answering the burning questions: Is Lance Stroll married, and is he currently dating anyone?

Lance Stroll And Wife Marilou Belanger
Lance Stroll And Wife Marilou Belanger

Lance Stroll Girlfriend

Lance Stroll’s romantic life became public knowledge when he and Marilou Bélanger shared glimpses of their relationship on social media. In September of 2023, Bélanger posted a picture of the couple enjoying a vacation, officially confirming their status as a couple.

The duo continued to make public appearances, and fans caught a glimpse of their affection during the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, where they were spotted together in the paddock. Lance Stroll and Marilou Bélanger, a pair that has certainly made headlines both on and off the racetrack.

Is Lance Stroll Married?

While Lance Stroll himself may not have walked down the aisle, the question of marriage brings us to the family ties of this racing sensation. Lance’s father, Lawrence Stroll, is currently married to Raquel Stroll. However, Lance’s existence is the result of Lawrence’s previous marriage to Claire-Ann Callens.

The former couple shares two children, Lance Stroll and his sister Chloe Stroll. Although Lance’s parents are no longer together, the family ties remain strong, with Lawrence Stroll embracing a new chapter in his life with Raquel.

Is Lance Stroll Dating Anyone?

As of the latest information available, Lance Stroll is flying solo in the realm of romance. The Canadian race car driver, born on October 29, 1998, is currently single, according to reliable records. While his professional life revolves around high-speed pursuits on the racetrack, Lance’s personal life seems to be taking a pause in the dating lane.

In his 25th year, Lance Stroll has not been previously engaged, according to CelebsCouples. The dating landscape may have been quiet for the Formula One star, but given his age, there’s still plenty of time for love to rev its engines in his direction. As of 2024, fans can rest assured that Lance Stroll is not dating anyone, making him the eligible bachelor of the racing world.


In the whirlwind of Formula One fandom, the personal lives of drivers often add an extra layer of intrigue. Lance Stroll, with his on-track prowess and off-track charm, has been a subject of curiosity for fans. Whether it’s unveiling his relationship with Marilou Bélanger or understanding the dynamics of his family, Lance’s journey through love and family has its unique turns.

As we keep an eye on the racetrack for his next exhilarating performance, we also wonder if the next chapter in Lance Stroll’s love life will be as thrilling as his laps on the track. Until then, the checkered flag waves on both his racing career and the unfolding chapters of his personal life.

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