Know Everything About Bart Starr’s Wife and Children

Bart Starr And Wife Cherry Louise Morton

The legacy of a sports icon extends beyond the playing field, and when it comes to legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr, his family played a significant role. In this article, we delve into the life of Bart Starr, exploring the questions that many may have about his personal life, particularly about his wife and children.

Bart Starr And Wife Cherry Louise Morton
Bart Starr And Wife Cherry Louise Morton

Who is Bart Starr’s Wife?

Bart Starr’s life was undoubtedly enriched by the presence of his beloved wife, Cherry Louise Morton Starr. Born in Ohio, Cherry attended high school in Alabama and later studied at Auburn University. She tied the knot with Bart Starr, who attended the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. The couple initially lived in Alabama before making the move to Green Bay.

Cherry Starr, a philanthropist with a heart of gold, co-founded Rawhide Youth Services in New London in 1965. This organization aimed to assist at-risk and troubled boys throughout the state.

Additionally, the Starrs served as honorary chairpersons of the Vince Lombardi Classic for an astounding 44 years, stepping down in 2014. Their contributions helped raise over $16 million to combat cancer.

Cherry Starr passed away peacefully at her Birmingham home at the age of 89. The Starr Children’s Fund conveyed the news, stating that she was surrounded by family and close friends. This sad event occurred almost five years after Bart Starr’s passing in 2019. The couple’s enduring love and commitment to philanthropy left an indelible mark on the communities they touched.

Bart Starr Children

Bart Starr’s family continued to grow with the addition of two sons, Bret Michael Starr and Bart Starr Jr. Cherry Starr, a pillar of strength, outlived her husband by almost five years before peacefully passing away at the age of 89.

Bart Starr Jr. is among those who carry on the family legacy. Cherry is also survived by three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Unfortunately, tragedy struck the family in 1988 when Bret Michael Starr, the Starrs’ son, passed away at the age of 24 due to a drug overdose. Despite the challenges, the Starr family’s resilience and commitment to each other remain an inspiration.

How Many Kids Does Bart Starr Have?

Bart Starr and Cherry Louise Morton Starr were blessed with two sons, Bart Starr Jr. and Bret Michael Starr. Bart Jr. continues to be an integral part of the family, carrying the name and legacy forward.

The loss of Bret in 1988 deeply affected the Starr family. Despite the pain, their ability to find strength and support in each other exemplifies the bond that ties them together. Former Packers President and CEO Bob Harlan, who worked closely with Bart Starr during his coaching tenure, emphasized the kindness and love that Cherry always showed towards Bart.


Bart Starr’s legacy extends beyond his achievements on the football field. The love story between Bart and Cherry Starr, their dedication to philanthropy, and the challenges faced by their family provide a glimpse into the human side of an NFL legend. As we remember Bart Starr, let us also acknowledge the strength, resilience, and enduring love that defined his family.

Whether it’s cherishing the memories of Bart and Cherry Starr or celebrating the continued legacy carried by their children, the impact of this remarkable family on the world reaches far beyond the realm of sports.

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