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Tracker Moore is a convicted felon based in California who was ranked as “the most despised man on the Internet” by Rolling Stone magazine.

He established the site “Is anyone awake?” in 2010, allowing customers to distribute sexually realistic photos of someone online without their knowledge.

Private data such as their names and addresses were attached to this site. I wouldn’t delete the photos after asking.

In light of the story of Hunter Moore’s website and the people affected, Netflix has made a “Most Hated Man on the Internet” narrative about him. This narrative premiered on July 27, 2022 on Netflix. Kira Hughes is the ex of an offender named Hunter, who is also prominent in the narrative.

Kirra Hughes and Hunter Moore Now: Her Age and Instagram Photos Kirra Hughes and Hunter Moore used to date a couple of years before. Be that as it may, two or three have proactively separated and are not together.

The convicted criminal finished his prison sentence in May 2017. After a year, he independently published his autobiography, “Is Someone Up?!: The Story of Revenge Porn.”

Portrayed as “satisfying, easy-to-process stories that will keep you smiling,” this book doesn’t have all the makings of the sorry reflection you might expect from someone who went to jail for proliferating revenge porn.

Hughes already lives in New York and continues his career on the show. She has also worked as a stage creator and appeared in a music video.

He has shown for The Kooples, Filthy Mouth Creative and Ponyboy. she is in Instagram with the username @middakidda and has 26,800 38 followers.

The pair were seeing someone on his retribution porn site, established by Moore, “Is Anyone Up?” it was at its peak.

According to The New York Post, victims would occasionally reach out to her with the expectation that she could talk to the softer side of Moore and get her photos off the site.

As of July 22, Hunter’s time is 36 years. Be that as it may, Kirra has not revealed her exact age. By all accounts, she is in her early twenties, in light of new photographs of him.

Hughes saw his genuine sentiment with Hunter Moore, the subject of Netflix’s new narrative “The Most Hated Man on the Internet.” The narrative is a cautionary tale about the savagery of the internet from one of the early adopters.

What’s been going on with Kirra Hughes and Hunter Moore? Kirra Hughes and Hunter Moore used to date at the time and right now they are not together. They have continued in their lives.

Tracker was caught on a charge of facilitating the revenge porn site “Is Anyone Up?” He was sentenced to two years, half a year in prison, fined $2,000, and restitution of $145.70 in November 2015.

The FBI sent an investigation against Moore in 2012. After obtaining information from the mother of one of the individuals in question, in April 2012, the site was deactivated and offered to an enemy of the stalking association.

He served his sentence in prison in 2017 and was released from prison.

The net worth of Kirra Hughes and Hunter Moore Hunter Moore’s total assets are estimated to be around 1.5 million. In any case, there is no precise data on its benefit. Some places guarantee that he is the wealthiest criminal in history.

Nonetheless, the total assets of Hughes, who worked as a model in New York, are estimated to be around $1 million.

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