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Kirk Smalley was devastated after the death of his 11-year-old son, Ty Field-Smalley, who committed suicide after being suspended from school for retaliating against a bully. Ty shot himself in 2010 after being harassed for more than two years. After the incident, Kirk has embarked on a mission to raise awareness about bullying and make a difference in the lives of children.

The death of Adriana Kuch, one of the latest victims of bullying at her school, has shaken the conscience of the children. country. Four girls were charged after Adriana died by suicide hours after a video of her being stalked surfaced online. The incident took place at Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township. Adriana committed suicide at her Bayville home on February 3.

Kirk Smalley and Laura Age

Kirk Smalley and Laura’s age is Unkown.

Kirk Smalley and Laura Cause of Death

After Adriana’s tragic death, Kirk opened up to MEAWW about his journey for positive change. “Bullying has increased not only in schools but also online. We are losing too many children to suicide because of it. Most, if not all of these losses are preventable with the right actions,” Kirk said.

Speaking of his son, Kirk said: “Ty was a good boy. I’m not saying that because he was mine, but he had a very loving and kind soul. Always smiling, always wanting to help others and make their day. Him and his mother, Laura, they were best friends. And he and I always did things together. I still miss him every second of every day.”

Video of the recent attack, which has surfaced on social media, shows Adriana walking down the hall when a girl attacks her and begins hitting her in the face with a water bottle. Adriana is seen falling to the ground as the girl continues to attack her. Cheers are heard in the background.

Right now, she lies bruised and bloody on the floor. “When I heard about Adriana, my heart broke again. We also lost three students to suicide in Wisconsin recently, as well as another in Iowa,” Kirk said. After Ty’s death, some high school students in Oklahoma City created a page called ‘Stand for the Silent’. “It was actually started by a group of high school students after they found out what happened to Ty.

They decided they’d had enough and wanted to do something for Ty and our family. They started a Facebook page called ‘Stand for the Silent ‘ . “When my wife, Laura, and I found out, we met with them and decided we had to do something to help stop this. We started speaking out to schools and children, and the group donated graphics and all of their work to us. Laura and I applied to our non-profit organization and ‘Stand for the Silent’ was born.”

“The ‘Stand For The Silent’ program tackles bullying with an engaging, factual and emotional methodology. With the help of student leaders, Kirk Smalley presents his inspiring story and students see life and death firsthand “Consequences of bullying. Through this unique approach, lives are changed for the better. Students, some for the first time, develop an empathic awareness through education and understanding,” the group’s website says.

As part of their mission, Kirk and Laura, who passed away in 2020, have been to 6,006 schools and have spoken to more than four million children. “We go anywhere we’re invited to speak free of charge. We’ve had a huge impact at every school, visiting and receiving hundreds of messages from schools telling us their school environment has improved since we visited and spoke with your student. Kirk said.

On March 10, 2011, Kirk and Laura met with then-President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House. “We attended the first bullying conference ever held at the White House. We met privately with the Obamas and discussed the rapidly increasing number of youth suicides and bullying. We asked them to help in any way they could to make it happen. “. high for our children,” Kirk said.

“I’d like to tell schools that bullying can be stopped. We can get kids involved to help stop it. Students are the ones who can do this. I’ve seen it happen so I know it’s doable.” Kirk said, adding, “but more importantly, the kids themselves are the key to stopping it and preventing it. Schools can’t stop it, parents can’t stop it, the kids themselves can.”

The four students who allegedly attacked Adriana were initially charged with third-degree assault, and one of them was also charged with disorderly conduct. The charges were later upgraded, with one now charged with aggravated assault. She even she could face the courts as an adult. Apart from her, one has been imput.\

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