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Kian Banks Wiki – Kian Banks  Biography

Kian Banks is a notable TikTok star. He has turned into an interesting issue as of late on the web. Kian has acquired gigantic notoriety on TikTok these days and has turned into the focal point of fascination for individuals.

He was purportedly caught in the act by his better half, Shan when she saw him sending ill-advised messages, photographs, and recordings to a 15-year-old young lady.

Kian Banks Age

Kian Banks is 18 years old.

Kian Banks Family – Kian Banks Fast Facts

Who Is Kian Banks On TikTok? Well known TikTok star Kian Banks is valued for his TikTok recordings. He has around 2.3 million supporters on Tiktok. His beguiling character, wonderful lip-sync, and moving recordings have accumulated an immense fan base on Instagram and Twitter.

His most memorable TikTok account was eliminated when he accomplished 70,000 adherents. He opened his ongoing record in July of 2020. He posts selfies and style content on his Instagram account. A video of himself breathing in fume has accomplished north of 11 million perspectives.

Ryan Snellings Drama and Cheating Allegations ian Banks’ accomplice ShanWills uncovered the DMs and video on TikTok. Individuals were annoyed and became furious subsequent to review the video. His deceiving show is taking over TikTok.

Subsequent to knowing current realities, Shan promptly chose to isolate from Ryan. This proof of Ryan is sufficient to end the relationship between them. Furthermore, Kian was additionally detained for a long time on account of exchanging heroin and rocks on October 21, 2020. Tony Gath, 39, was spotted by a cop two times in a month while driving different sellers.

The enticing pictures and records of Ryan have gained an apparent number of hearts. Sadly, their undertaking won’t occur at any point in the near future. Kian Banks Tiktok Age and Real Name Kian Banks is at present 20 years of age as his introduction to the world date was September 03, 2002. His genuine name is Ryan Snellings. He was born in England.

From that point forward when Ryan was a youngster, he was enamored with the style. His folks persistently gave all that he needed. Subsequently, his folks assume a significant part in making this advancement and progress. Ryan additionally shares comic content on his RLS YouTube account.

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