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Salbiah Tunut, Khalid Ibrahim’s wife, who is she? children and family During his relentless therapy for lung disease, there have been allegations that Malaysian civil servant Khalid Ibrahim, who is married to Salbiah Tunut, died in intensive care. Be that as it may, according to virtual entertainment publications, he is still receiving treatment at the moment.

From 2008 until his term as Selangor’s fourteenth Menteri Besar ended in 2014, Ibrahim stood his ground. Consequently, he joined the People’s Justice Party and was elected to the Selangor State Assembly as well as the Malaysian Parliament.

Not long after venturing out as Menteri Besar in August 2014, Ibrahim declared his autonomy. He was eliminated from the match for refusing to leave as Selangor Menteri Besar.

In 1979, he enlisted in the United Malays National Organization after beginning his professional vocation as a university teacher. He is the main collusion of Barisan Nasional in Malaysia.

In addition, he was elected Head of Permodalan Nasional Berhad, a resource run by the organization’s administration of executives, the following year.

Who is Salbiah Tunut, the wife of Khalid Ibrahim? Khalid Ibrahim, a Malaysian lawmaker, will remain married to Salbiah Tunut until her dubious death. For more than 40 years, the couple has been together.

According to reports, Ibrahim and Tunut did not date before they were married. It is fascinating to note that when Khalid originally saw Tunut in Kuantan, he moved towards her.

She made it clear to him at that time that in order to marry her, he must meet her parents. From then on, she visits Salbiah’s family and proposes to her.

90 days after connecting during Ramadan, the couple exchanged promises.

Meet the family of Khalid Ibrahim and Salbiah Tunut Salbiah Tunut and Khalid Ibrahim are guardians together. In any case, since Ibrahim has always kept his family out of the public eye, they have stayed out of the media spotlight.

People have urged him to stop spreading the hoax as he is still receiving treatment despite being left for dead on the internet.

However, his family has not yet commented on the circumstance. Ibrahim, who has always been remarkable, has never discovered any information about his children, including his names.

Salbiah Tunut: Where is he now? How could I get paid? Salbiah Tunut, the wife of Khalid Ibrahim, has stayed out of the spotlight. Tunut has made the decision to safeguard her protection and is not currently discussing any open meetings.

Regarding his family’s feelings, a request was made in a post on his official Facebook account requesting that people stop spreading gossip about his passing. In addition, it refers to the fact that they are currently in an enormously problematic moment.

Recently, reports of his passing began to circulate on the web. He is still being treated at the medical clinic, according to the post of authority.

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