Kevin McKidd’s Girlfriend: Who Is Kevin McKidd Dating Now? Meet His Partner

Kevin Mckidd And Her Girlfriend Danielle Savre

Kevin McKidd, the renowned Grey’s Anatomy star, has been making headlines not just for his stellar performances on screen but also for his real-life romance.

The actor couldn’t help but gush about his girlfriend, Danielle Savre, at The Walt Disney Company’s 2023 Emmy Awards Celebration in Los Angeles. In this article, we delve into the details of Kevin McKidd’s current relationship, exploring the timeline of his romance with Danielle Savre.

Kevin Mckidd And Her Girlfriend Danielle Savre
Kevin Mckidd And Her Girlfriend Danielle Savre

Kevin McKidd Girlfriend

McKidd and Savre’s love story first caught public attention in June 2023 when they were spotted together in Lake Como, Italy. The Grey’s Anatomy actor, having recently finalized his divorce from ex-wife Arielle Goldrath, shared glimpses of their romantic getaway.

The couple’s chemistry became evident as they explored the breathtaking landscapes of Lower Zambezi, Africa, on a safari, an adventure McKidd described as “breathtaking, awe-inspiring, humbling, and uplifting.”

The couple made their red carpet debut at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s 15th Annual Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show in Denver. McKidd expressed his feelings about the relationship, stating that their real-life Shonda Rhimes crossover just “kind of happened.” This public affirmation of their romance marked a significant step in their journey.

At the Emmys ceremony, where Grey’s Anatomy stars reunited, McKidd reflected on the show’s remarkable run. “I thought it was lovely to see Grey’s Anatomy up there represented and being honored for being the longest-running medical TV show in American TV history,” he shared.

Despite initial doubts about the show’s longevity, McKidd attributed its success to “the quality of the writing” and the compelling stories told over the years.

Who Is Kevin McKidd Dating Now?

McKidd and Savre’s onscreen collaboration in Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 laid the foundation for their real-life romance.

The actors, portraying Owen Hunt and Maya Bishop, respectively, were romantically linked in June 2023. Their relationship blossomed after being spotted sharing PDA in Lake Como, Italy. Despite appearing together in crossover episodes, neither confirmed their relationship status initially.

In June 2023, the same month McKidd’s divorce with Arielle Goldrath was finalized, the actor and Savre became more public about their relationship. McKidd, a father of four, had previously been married to Jane Parker. Savre, who had been linked to hockey expert Andrew Contis in 2019, embarked on a new chapter in her romantic journey with McKidd.

Kevin McKidd Partner

The love between Kevin McKidd and Danielle Savre was palpable at The Walt Disney Company’s 2023 Emmy Awards Celebration. McKidd expressed his happiness, stating, “Everything’s great,” and praised Savre as “an amazing human being.” Their journey from onscreen colleagues to real-life partners has been nothing short of enchanting.

Kevin McKidd and Danielle Savre went from playing onscreen work colleagues to starting a real-life romance. The Shondaland actors were first romantically linked in June 2023 after they were photographed packing on PDA in Lake Como Italy


In the world of Hollywood, where relationships often make headlines, Kevin McKidd and Danielle Savre stand out as a couple genuinely in love. From romantic getaways to red carpet debuts, their journey has been documented with joy and admiration.

As fans eagerly await the upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy, McKidd’s real-life romance with Savre adds an extra layer of fascination to his onscreen persona. Love, it seems, is not just a script for McKidd and Savre but a beautiful reality.

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