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The family of an Aberdeen Middle School student is concerned about the school’s safety protocols after a parent allegedly assaulted her inside the school. Judy Kibler found out about what happened to her granddaughter during a phone call with her son-in-law. “She First she was in shock, but then she was angry, frustrated and really upset,” she said.

Kelly Sadik, entered Aberdeen High School on Tuesday around 8:15 a.m. after accessing the school through the intercom system, according to the Aberdeen Police Department.However, instead of going to the office, she went to the part of the school where the seventh graders attended and confronted one of her daughter’s classmates.

Kelly Sadik Age

Kelly Sadik is 41 years old.

Incident Detail

“A verbal confrontation ensued, [Sadik] at one point putting his hands on the boy, grabbing him in an effort to continue the conversation,” Capt. Will Reiber said. “In the end, a teacher was able to intervene.” Kibler’s granddaughter ended up with bruises on her arm. Kibler wonders how Sadik got this far. “I don’t understand how she got this far without someone doing something,” she said. “I am a grandfather. I know that when you go to school, they call you, you go directly to the office.”

In a statement, Harford County Public Schools said WJZ staff acted quickly and appropriately to the situation. Reiber said that the police have not had problems with their school safety protocols in the past. “In general, the protocols that schools put in place are put in place to discourage people from doing this,” Reber said. “This is the first one, that I can think of, where we had to deal with something where a parent came in and confronted a child.”

Sadik accused Kibler’s granddaughter of intimidating her daughter, according to police. Kibler said her granddaughter has also been a victim of bullying at school, and it all speaks to a larger problem.”It’s not just my granddaughter that I’m worried about, I’m worried about all these kids,” Kibler said. “If [the school or school district] is doing something, tell us what you’re doing. I’ve asked that question many times.”

Sadik is due to appear in court in May. Reiber said that if his child is struggling with issues like bullying or harassment at school, he should contact the school administration to begin taking steps to remedy the problem. with a series of 12 fires in six Maryland counties over the course of a decade.

Crawford, 71, was arrested in March 2021 on various charges of arson and attempted murder. He was convicted of eight counts of attempted first-degree murder, two counts of arson, and one count of arson. The State’s Attorney’s Office said he will seek the maximum sentence allowed, which is eight life terms plus 95 years. Crawford’s sentencing is scheduled for June.

“This person has been a guardian and a protector, but instead he was a threat,” Howard County State’s Attorney Rich Howard said. Prosecutors called it a “very strong circumstantial case” in which detectives used data from cellphones, relationships, computer searches and a hit list on Crawford’s phone.

“That (target) list was critical and I think we all know that,” Howard County Assistant State’s Attorney Scott Hammond said. Prosecutors said Crawford was motivated by the slightest spite, using gasoline to burn people’s cars, garages and homes. “I think Mr. Crawford felt above the law,” Crawford said. “Obviously he felt that he could do this and get away with it and, for 10 years, he did.”

Authorities say the case began with a fire in Prince George’s County in 2011. Crawford was also linked to a series of fires in Howard County between 2017 and 2018. All were deemed “arsonous” in nature, meaning that no accidental sources were found in the area of the fire. Throughout the investigation, it was determined that the structures and vehicles Crawford intentionally set on fire were connected to the victims with whom he or his wife, Mary, had prior disagreements.

All the fires started outside the houses around 3 a.m. when the occupants slept inside. The victims include a former City of Laurel official, three former law enforcement officers, two relatives, two of Crawford’s former doctors and a resident of Crawford’s neighborhood. One of the victims was his stepson. Crawford is a former local law enforcement officer who last served in 2010 when he resigned as Chief of the City of Laurel Police Department.

He also served as District Heights Police Chief and previously worked for the Prince George’s County Police Department as a commander in 2000. Police also discovered an encoded “hit list” on Crawford’s phone, according to charging documents. “This was a very challenging case that spanned almost 10 years and involved a dozen fires in multiple jurisdictions,” Gibson said. ”

We are incredibly grateful to the prosecutors who expertly handled this case and to the jury who carefully reviewed the evidence and to the police officers and fire agencies who helped provide the crucial evidence needed to reach today’s outcome. Our hearts go out to to the victims, and we hope this verdict and sentence we seek provide them with a sense of justice.

In addition, Crawford, who had a long career in law enforcement, should have had a greater degree of respect for the rule of law. And today’s verdict is a reminder that no one is above the law.” Crawford’s lawyer calls it a sad end to his decades-long career in law enforcement. “Obviously he is very disappointed,” defense attorney Robert Bonsib said.

“It is a very difficult day for him and we will discuss the next steps over the course of the next few weeks and a couple of months.” , firefighters and police responded to a report of a vehicle on fire. The fire was contained in the vehicle itself. The vehicle was unoccupied. June 23, 2017: 6000 block of Avalon Drive, Elkridge, MD At approximately 4:19 am, units responded to a house fire.

At the scene, units located a single-family home with a fire located in the attached garage. The family, three adults and two minors, were inside the house sleeping at the time of the fire and escaped. The fire was determined to be arson. December 9, 2017: 4000 block of Spring Meadow Drive, Ellicott City, MD At approximately 3:17 am, units responded to a house fire.

Once on scene, teams found a single-family home with an open fire. The family, two adults and one minor, were at home at the time of the fire and escaped. The fire was determined to be arson. September 22, 2018: 4000 block of Spring Meadow Drive, Ellicott City, MD (same address as previous two fires on same block) At approximately 3:45 am, units responded to a reported house fire.

The house was unoccupied as renovations from the previous fire had just been completed. Investigators determined that the fire started in the front of the house to include the garage and spread to most of the rest of the house. “We are grateful that this defendant, a former law enforcement officer, will no longer put the community at risk.”

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