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The parents of a Georgia girl who has been missing for three years are offering a $50,000 reward for information as they continue to fight hard in hopes of seeing their daughter again. Eric Roberts, the father of Keeslyn Roberts, who has not been heard from or seen since January 18, 2020, after visiting a truck stop in Gordon County, Georgia, said they believe “someone somewhere knows something”.

“We have to have closure,” Eric told WSB-TV. “One way or another. Whatever the outcome is, we have to have closure for our sanity.” Keeslyn’s belongings, including her clothes and her wallet with her identification cards, were found at the Flying J Travel center in Resaca, but investigators have not been able to find any signs of her life since she disappeared.

Keeslyn Roberts Age

Keeslyn Roberts is 23 years old.

Incident Detail

Now that she has increased the reward amount, the family said she will pay the full amount out of her own pocket if someone can tell them about her daughter’s situation and what exactly happened at the trucking station. “I would like someone to introduce themselves. Does anyone know something,” Eric said. “We want the truth.” Her phone was not located at the trucking shop and her father believes she took the phone with her, but all calls go directly to voice mail.

Eric said that he has given up hope and believes that her daughter is no longer alive, but her wife Shannon believes that her daughter is still alive and that they will be able to see and hug her again. “Just a total nightmare,” Shannon told WSB-TV. “We haven’t changed her room. Her room is still the same. Roberts would turn 23 later this month, and her mother is holding on to the hope that she will one day celebrate another birthday at her home.

“It’s very, very difficult not knowing where her son is and not seeing him in this period of time,” Shannon told WSB-TV. “Not hearing her voice, not seeing them. It’s just unimaginable.” The family even created a Facebook page to get information about Keeslyn’s disappearance and also hired a private investigator. Keeslyn was last seen in the Flying J off I-75 at 288 Resaca Beach Boulevard in Resaca, Gordon County, Georgia.

According to the press release issued by the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office, the 911 instructor received a call on January 18 about a suspicious woman who was assumed to be Keeslyn creating a disturbance at the store. She even forced her way into a kitchen area closed to customers, where she had a heated exchange with an employee. Media reports indicated that she told staff that she was at the truck shop to meet an unidentified man.

Her family located her white Toyota Corolla parked in the far corner of the Flying J’s rear parking lot just two days after she disappeared. At the time of her disappearance, she was said to be living with her boyfriend in Chatsworth, Murray County, Georgia. But when the agents questioned her boyfriend, he revealed that he had not seen her since she disappeared.

According to a report by Stories of the Unsolved, Keeslyn was charged with two counts of possession of marijuana, possession of tools to commit crimes, use of communication facilities in drug transactions, and possession and use of drug-related objects in March. of 2018. and was also arrested and charged with sale of methamphetamine in January 2020.

Keeslyn is described as being 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing around 125 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. She also has a tattoo of a sea turtle on her lower left arm and her ears are calibrated. To report information on Keeslyn’s whereabouts or provide tips on the case, call the Georgia Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-597-TIPS.

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