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A TikTok influencer found himself in trouble after hitting a golf ball in the Grand Canyon. Additionally, a video of her shot posted by her reveals that her golf club followed the ball into the Grand Canyon. The influencer, Katie Sigmond, is now facing criminal charges for the stunt. The incident is said to have occurred on October 26 around Mather Point, according to a statement posted on Facebook by the Grand Canyon Park Service.

The Grand Canyon Police identified, located and contacted the person responsible for the incident, according to the publication. While the statement doesn’t mention the person’s name, she was identified as Katie Sigmond, an influencer with nearly 7 million followers on TikTok, according to the New York Post. “Do we really need to say ‘don’t hit golf balls in the Grand Canyon?’

Katie Sigmond Age

Katie Sigmond is 19 years old.

Incident Detail

A person posted a video on their personal TikTok page showing them hitting a golf ball and throwing a golf club into the canyon near Mather Point on October 26. Members of the public helped identify the social media account of the person. individual,” the Grand Canyon National Park Facebook statement said. They added: “On October 27, Grand Canyon Police identified, located and contacted the individual responsible for the incident.

Charges and a court appearance for the individual are pending.” The rationale for the criminal charges filed against Sigmond is that “throwing objects over the rim of the canyon is not only illegal but can also endanger hikers and wildlife that may be below.” The national park posted the original video of the influencer’s antics on its Reddit page.

Comments below the video saw viewers express their anger and disappointment at the influencer’s stunt. “Appalling and selfish behavior”, reprimanded one person, on the other hand, there were many who called for the violator to be banned from entering the national park. One wrote: “The fine for littering in a national park is $100 or 3 months in jail.  Since this was possibly cause for something more serious (like endangering hikers below), I hope she gets fined at maximum and bar it from parks.”

Another added: “He should be charged with recklessly endangering the club. The golf ball could hit and seriously injure someone, but that club falling on your head from that height would absolutely kill.” . It seems that this is not the first time that the influencer has been criticized online for her reckless antics. A Reddit user recognized her as the same woman who threw a pumpkin at a bowling alley.

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