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Julie Lauren Curtis Wiki – Julie Lauren Curtis Biography

There are two types of big names in our reality. First the people who rise to notoriety through skill, hard work and commitment. Second, people who accumulate media attention from association with acquaintances.

In this way, today we will talk about the second type of superstar, Julie Lauren Curtis. In fact, she is the renowned ex of American bluegrass artist, Trace Adkins.

Julie Lauren Curtis Relationship with Trace Adkins Renowned wife, Julie Lauren Curtis was in a marital relationship with Trace Adkins for several years. Follow is a famous American country vocalist who has ten studio collections to his name. The former couple secured the husband and wife group on February 3, 1991 in a confidential service.

Before their marriage, the former couple dated for quite some time and several months. To be precise, they started dating in 1989. Tragically, their wedding ends up being a complete disappointment as they went in different directions in September 1994. Also, the justification for their split may be their bad episodes.

Through their 5 years of married life. As of 2021, Trace Adkins is married to Victoria Prat, a prominent Canadian artist. On the other hand, Julie Lauren continues with a calm profile, staying away from the spotlight.

Julie Lauren Curtis shot Trace Adkins Former couple Julie and Trace had an incredibly dangerous episode during their marriage. In 1994, Julie Lauren Curtis shot her better half, Trace, after a heated argument over her drinking. She shot him with a .38 gun in the refrigerator and the bullet went through his lungs and into the ventricle of his heart.

Fortunately, his neighbors got him to the medical clinic in time, before things got serious. Even though he almost died, he didn’t press charges against her. However, after 3 years, they broke up. Aside from her relationship with Julie, he was married to her most memorable wife, Barbara Lewis, and offers two girls, Tarah and Sarah, with her.

Follow also shares three girls with his third wife, Rhonda Forlaw. They go for Mackenzie, Brianna and Trinity. Later in March 2014, Trace filed for a separation with Rhonda citing hostile contrasts.

Julie’s Total Assets Lauren Curtis Like Sibi Blazic, Julie also rose to fame thanks to her better half. Aside from her insights into her connection, there isn’t much information about her expert life. As she loves to lead a serene profile life, she is still a secret if she is active in lucrative activities.

As of around 2021, the total assets of Julie Lauren Curtis are under audit. However, her former life partner, Trace Adkins, has a wonderful fortune which she earns through her fruitful career as a vocalist.

Follow’s total assets are $19 million at this time. No doubt she probably acquired a part of her wealth as a separation agreement.

Actually, Trace has 12 Studio Collections and 6 Aggregation Collections to its name. Also, the main source of your salary is your collection agreements and your visits.

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