Julia Bonilla and Rudy Gobert Relationship, Who is Rudy Gobert’s Girlfriend?

Julia Bonilla And Rudy Gobert

In recent news, NBA star Rudy Gobert has taken to Instagram to share exciting news about his personal life. The three-time All-Star has announced that his girlfriend, Julia Bonilla, is expecting their first child.

This revelation, made with a simple yet heartfelt caption, gives fans a glimpse into Gobert’s otherwise private romantic life. This surprising news has sparked interest in the couple’s relationship, shedding light on their connection and the impending addition to their family.

Julia Bonilla And Rudy Gobert
Julia Bonilla And Rudy Gobert

Julia Bonilla and Rudy Gobert Relationship

Rudy Gobert’s Instagram announcement about Julia Bonilla’s pregnancy marked a rare moment of public sharing for the Minnesota Timberwolves center.

The couple’s relationship has been characterized by privacy, with reports suggesting that they have been spending time together in Minnesota, hinting at a well-established connection. Julia Bonilla, like Gobert, is French, and she wears many hats – serving as the co-host and editor of the blog/podcast “Journey.”

On her podcast, Bonilla shares candid opinions about life, reflecting her mantra that “Life can be beautiful; it’s all a question of point of view.”

As an artistic director in the morning and a podcast creator at night, she brings an authentic and blessed vibe to her content. With the impending arrival of their baby, both Gobert and Bonilla express their joy, affirming that life is indeed beautiful.

Who is Rudy Gobert’s Girlfriend?

While Julia Bonilla shares the spotlight as Rudy Gobert’s girlfriend, it’s worth noting that the NBA star’s previous relationship was with American internet personality Hannah Stocking. Known for her rise on Vine and subsequent success on YouTube, Stocking is a multi-talented personality with Greek, Armenian, Ukrainian, and Hungarian ancestry.

Beyond her internet fame, she has showcased her versatility as a three-year varsity volleyball player and a creator of educational content.

Hannah Stocking’s achievements include starring in the official lyric video for a collaboration between Poo Bear, Justin Bieber, and Jay Electronica, and receiving the United Nations Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Award in 2019.

While Gobert’s past relationship adds another layer to his personal life, the focus remains on the impending parenthood with Julia Bonilla, creating a new chapter for the NBA star.


As Rudy Gobert and Julia Bonilla prepare to embark on this exciting journey of parenthood, fans eagerly anticipate updates on their growing family.

Gobert’s choice to share this personal milestone reflects a departure from his usual privacy, offering a heartwarming insight into the couple’s relationship. With the arrival of their baby, the couple reaffirms that life’s beauty lies in shared moments and diverse perspectives.

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