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Judy Kline was officially charged just 24 hours ago with three felonies after a video of her harassing a South St. Louis family went viral. She was charged with first degree robbery, first degree property damage and unlawful use of a weapon. Kline is accused of harassing and threatening a Latino family in South St. Louis. “Illegals live here,” Kline can be heard yelling into a Ring doorbell camera. in US ownership. Out!”

In another video she is heard: “You are not an American. Get off my property! Did you have anything to do with 9/11?” Fátima Suárez said that this tirade began in January 2022 at her parents’ house. Suárez brought the aggressive interactions to TikTok over the months, but in the last week, a TikToker with millions of followers shared the story.

Judy Kline Age

Judy Kline is 42 years old.

Incident Detail

“Since I didn’t see any action being taken, that’s why I went to TikTok and now they see that they are trying to help us,” she said. “I want my family to be safe and for nothing to happen to them.” Suarez said Kline even broke into her parents’ house, banged on the door with a hammer and stole her mail. “One time, we approached her and she said that she was going to kill my family,” Suárez said.

Suarez told 5 On Your Side that Kline is not under arrest and said an attorney with the circuit attorney’s office told him that Kline is receiving psychiatric treatment at a St. Louis hospital. 5 On Your Side learned that Kline used to live in that house about 20 years ago. We also learned through court documents that Kline was placed under conservatorship about 11 years ago.

Dr. Bart Andrews of Behavioral Health Response said: “Anyone who met the criteria for legal guardianship as an adult has had serious health or mental health problems.” He went on to explain that this does not excuse racist behavior, but it does offer insight. “It’s important to recognize that sometimes people really don’t feel good when they engage in this behavior,” said Dr. Andrews.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has a partnership with BHR to have medics on scene when dealing with these types of cases. Suárez said that she did not see any doctors at her house when the police were there. Andrews said the goal is for them to be there for these types of calls and to be able to help.

“If the person has behavioral health needs, we will work very actively to connect that person with the appropriate services,” said Dr. Andrews. As for why it took so long to file the charges, the circuit attorney’s office said police placed the case in a non-urgent folder and did not have the videos at the time.

Suárez told 5 On Your Side that he showed police the videos in January and gave them a video of mail received in March, but did not send them copies until December 2022. Suárez said that, although what happened is not right, it has some clarity. “I want to see action, I want to see her locked up or in a mental facility, but I want proof that they are doing something about it,” he shared.

Wilford Pinkney, Director of the Office of Violence Prevention shared this: The City of St. Louis, the Office of Violence Prevention, and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department are in constant contact with our partners at Behavioral Health Response to provide mental health services to the community. While we are unable to release personal health information regarding this situation due to HIPAA, we can confirm that the CRU unit was deployed today to follow up on the most recent incident, but we were unable to locate Judy Kline at any of her previously known locations. SLMPD responded quickly to each incident involving Ms. Kline and is also following up with the victims.

In most cases, the Crisis Response Unit (CRU) responds to calls for help from people facing mental health or substance abuse crises, as well as other non-criminal conflicts. This program has already saved the city significant manpower and resources, saving police and EMS more than 2,000 man hours in its first nine months alone.

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