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Judy Kline, charged with multiple crimes in a stalking case, will no longer be able to communicate with the Latino family she allegedly threatened with a hammer. In a court ruling on Wednesday, February 15, a protection order was granted against the defendant, who did not appear in court virtually or in person.

According to Joel Currier, media liaison for the Missouri Judicial Circuit Court, one of the family members, Guadalupe Rivera-González, testified in a virtual hearing and claimed that Kline came to her house several times in the last year. The victim also added that Kline threatened her family with a hammer and said they were not US citizens, even though the family is Mexican American.

Judy Kline Age

Judy Kline is 54 years old.

Incident Detail

Under the orders, Kline is prohibited from coming within 300 feet of the family’s residence, car, workplace or “anywhere they may be found.” Wednesday’s ruling also means the defendant cannot be stalking, abusing or harassing the family, communicating with them and is not allowed on their property.

Fátima Suárez, the family’s daughter, shared a video clip of her Ring camera on TikTok, which immediately went viral. The video that was viewed by millions of users shows her alleged encounters with Kline, where she yells at the camera, goes through her email and makes racist verbal attacks. ”

What the hell are you doing in my house?” Kline yells into Ring’s video doorbell camera. She the other time she can be heard saying, “You’re not an American, get off my property.” “Did you have anything to do with 9/11?” she yelled at herself another day.

Ring’s camera also captured Kline allegedly using a hammer to break the window of a basement door trying to break the glass in the door, according to a probable statement obtained by ABC News Suarez claims that during the alleged raid his father and then his four-year-old sister were inside the house.

The victim said that once inside, [Kline] yelled insults at her while holding the hammer over her head,” the probable cause statement reads, referring to the father. Fátima Suárez in a previous interview said, “I’ll do anything to protect [ to my parents] and I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable in their own home.

” In a statement last week, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office said it had “explained the injunction request related to this case.” Kline is currently charged with three felony counts, which are robbery, property damage, and unlawful use of a weapon.

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