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MSNBC anchor Joy Reid is facing backlash after she made headlines for saying the word “inflation” is “not part of the normal lexicon” for Americans, and Republicans have only briefed them on the concept to make political gains before the elections. Many were taken aback by her comments, especially after inflation rose to a four-decade high under the presidency of Joe Biden.

Reid made the comments while she was appearing as a guest on the Thursday, November 3 episode of ‘Deadline: White House.’ Speaking with fellow MSNBC colleague Nicole Wallace, she said that “the only people I’ve ever heard use the word inflation are journalists and economists,” adding that most people “have never used the word never in their lives” unless let there be a choice.

Joy Reid Age

Joy Reid is 53 years old.

Incident Detail

With the inflation rate for September reaching 8.2%, most Americans are facing dire financial straits as they struggle to pay for basic services and deal with expensive medical bills. The current net worth of the controversial MSNBC national correspondent is estimated at $21 million. Reid is also the author of numerous best-selling books through which she pockets millions of dollars in royalties.

She lives in her 7,400-square-foot luxury home located in downtown New York City, which she bought for a whopping $8 million, according to Knowledge.com. Joy also has over 5 real estate properties owned by her, through which she earns substantial rentals. Total rental income earned by Reid exceeds $250,000 a year. Reid earns an additional $420,000 in dividends and interest.

In addition to her real estate, she owns 6 cars and 1 luxury yacht. Her assets also include huge cash reserves of over $8 million. Reid started working with MSNBC in 2014, when her salary was set at $1 million; but over the period of nearly a decade, she estimates that she earns ten times that amount. She also owns an investment portfolio of 7 stocks that are valued at $4 million.

Johnson & Johnson, Qualcomm, Tesla, PayPal and Mastercard are the few stocks she owns, according to the outlet. Reid has a large collection of cars, including a BMW X7 that costs $180,000. Her Mercedes-Benz G-Class cost her $370,000. Her other cars include an Audi Q2, a Lexus GX, a Volvo XC40. Reid hasn’t inherited a lot of family wealth from her, which means all of her net worth has been created by herself.

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