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José Andrés Murillo Wiki – José Andrés Murillo Biography

José Andrés Murillo, the Lucid Confidence’s pioneer, is known as one of Karadima’s most high-profile casualties. The doctorate holder in Political Philosophy holder was enrolled as the second most supported choice on the “Non-Neutral Independents” list.

Murillo alongside Hamilton, Cruz, and Juan Pablo Hermosilla, made the establishment for Confidence and expected to have a world without mishandles, which is likewise their fundamental motto. Similarly, the primary target of their establishment is the common freedoms of kids and teenagers assurance and responsibility.

Who Is José Andrés Murillo? Wikipedia Bio Of Founder Of Lucid Confidence José Andrés Murillo is a thinker and Karadima’s sexual maltreatment casualty, who has a long history of battling for kids’ freedoms. According to his highlighted Wikipedia, he likewise blamed Arteaga for disregarding his maltreatment grievances and, surprisingly, suggested him an encounter with a therapist.

As per Interactivo, he was important for the official commission against defilement (Engel Commission) in 2015. In like manner, he additionally recently composed the book Confianza lúcida, and the delineated book Azul, along with Marcela Paz Peña in 2012 and 2016 separately.

As per his LinkedIn, the Adolfo Ibanez University alum fills in as a leader chief in Trust establishment and has been required here since December 2010.

Where Could José Andrés Murillo Esposa Today be? José Andrés Murillo is in Providencia, Chile today as his Facebook introduction. That suggests that his significant other (esposa) could likewise be presumably with him.

It is found from his LinkedIn profile that he has still been serving in his established non-benefit association now too. Furthermore, it has nearly been a long time since he has his commitment to this association.

Jose as of late shown up in the Divina Food, where he shows his culinary abilities. By means of his Twitter handles, he likewise should have been visible sharing about the consuming news and as of late he posted about groups and how Religions will generally become partisan.

Where Is The Victim Of The Karadima Case? José Andrés Murillo is one of the three survivors of ministry sexual maltreatment in Chile, who is working for the privileges of kids and fills in as a maltreatment advocate in Chile.

According to Wikipedia, in mid-2003, José Murillo, who was a youthful Catholic around then, let the worried through a letter know that he had been mishandled by Karadima. He likewise freely impugned the commission of sexual maltreatment by the minister Fernando Karadima for his corrupt exercises.

In his 2021’s public meeting, he expressed that he has been on the way for the guard of youngsters’ freedoms for over 10 years and is as yet proceeding to make it happen.

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