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QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – A woman who was three months pregnant when she was kidnapped and beaten by her kidnappers believes the ordeal caused her baby to be born prematurely and later die of a brain hemorrhage.

Jorgia Forbes welcomed her baby girl Hope into the world in August 2020, four months after she was held captive for nine hours after being kidnapped by thugs and held in a Gold Unit apartment complex in Queensland. The beleaguered mother was held at knifepoint, dragged over fences and stripped naked after the trio accused her of stealing drugs. She jumped out of a moving vehicle at one point during the fight, but was chased and dragged away when bystanders called police. Doctors would later reveal the heartbreaking news that they found a hemorrhage in Hope’s brain, meaning she had no chance of survival without being permanently attached to a life support machine.

The devastated mother, 27, said the ordeal began after she agreed to help one of her attackers, Bodie John Collins, who had been kicked out of his residence, so she arranged accommodation for him at Aloha Apartments in Surfers Paradise. .

Forbes knew Colins from buying marijuana and even helped him move into the new space. However, Collins kept calling her after she went home, asking if they could meet up because he “wanted to hang out” with her. As Forbes came downstairs, he said his attacker, Patutahora Hakaria, “jumped out of the bushes with a knife.” She recounted: “I had no idea what was going on, or who he was. He was telling me, “Don’t say anything, fuck,” and he had a knife to my throat. He dragged me down the street and threw me in the back seat where Bodie was and in the front seat was Grace Edmonds, [Hakaria’s] Girlfriend.”


As soon as the group drove away, Forbes’ “first instinct was to jump out of the car,” so he opened the door and somehow managed to roll out. “I knew I couldn’t just jump to my feet because I would have broken something, I knew what I had to do to save my life,” he said. But Collins and Hakaria eventually grabbed her and dragged her back to the car when bystanders realized something was wrong and alerted authorities.

Forbes was taken to Collin’s new apartment, where she was tied up, accused of stealing drugs, and threatened with death. However, the group dragged her to a different location after hearing police sirens. This sparked a police chase in which Forbes was dragged over fences and forced into a carpool. She said Hakaria held her at knifepoint as they tried to evade police. She even heard police dogs and sirens looking for her. “We were hiding in the bushes, I was thrown over high fences, sniffer dogs were looking for my scent,” she said.

The perpetrators pushed her into a carpool but were forced to get out and walk the rest of the way. “I could hear the police, I could almost see them, I heard the sirens, I saw the flashing lights,” she said. “We went through all the back streets, around the apartments.”

The pregnant woman recalled being forced to scale a high concrete patio wall when they finally arrived at the property around midnight. Collins then forced her to take a very hot shower, saying it would remove the smell from her and keep the police dogs away.

“He undressed me and washed me, I had blood everywhere, bruises and he took the gravel off the wounds with a loofah,” he recalled. “I was in so much pain, everything was burned.” Later, Forbes was offered drugs and she fell asleep, praying and thinking about her oldest daughter.

Authorities finally arrived at the property at 6:30 am. “It was the biggest relief of my life,” she said, recalling how she woke up when officers lifted her off the ground. “It was a miracle,” she commented.