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Jordan McSweeney, 29, who today (Friday 18 November) admitted to murdering and sexually assaulting law attorney Zara Aleena, was seen on CCTV harassing women in the days leading up to her death. Zara, 35, was just 10 minutes from her home in Ilford when she was attacked on Cranbrook Road on June 26.

The aspiring lawyer was rushed to the Royal London Hospital with “multiple injuries” after being repeatedly stepped on and sadly died hours later. MyLondon has been informed that he had been hanging around the streets following women in the days before Zara was attacked and killed.

Jordan McSweeney Age

Jordan McSweeney is 29 years old.


McSweeney had targeted a woman by following her for a significant amount of time and when she noticed her, she ducked into a store to try and get help. The killer followed the woman into the store and tried to talk to her, but she told him to leave her alone.

Feeling insecure, she waited in the store for a long period of time hoping that he would leave her, and when she thought that she had left, she ran away. However, McSweeney had been expecting her and ran after her, chasing her down the street until he lost it.

McSweeney had a history of violence towards women, and in footage seen by MyLondon, one attack bore a striking resemblance to his fatal beating of Zara. Several of McSweeney’s exes said he was violent towards them and that his actions often followed a family pattern.

He was infatuated with his partner before things turned to control and manipulation. Alcohol and drugs were triggers for violent behavior. A former partner, who consented to his sharing information about her relationship but did not want to be named or quoted, said he became increasingly violent towards her. The relationship ended after he savagely beat her, stomping on her face during an attack at a relative’s home.

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