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Who is Jomboy’s wife? All you need to know Internet celebrity Jimmy O’Brien, often known online as Jomboy, writes about sports. Kaitlyn O’Brien and Jomboy get married. James Douglas is the name of her other son. Jimmy is known for his ability with words and for delving into topics related to sports.

Jimmy has created a ton of popular videos since the first one went viral in 2015.

After Boone’s video, O’Brien amassed 300,000 YouTube subscribers by posting critical analyzes of events in MLB and other sports and occasionally using harsh language.

Some Yankees and MLB executives questioned whether fans should be able to listen in on conversations on the field and on the sidelines, while others praised O’Brien for producing original content that would draw younger fans to baseball.

Jomboy’s Instagram Profile Shows His Love For His Wife

Jomboy’s Instagram account indicates that he is married to Kaitlyn O’Brien. After reviewing Jimmy’s profile, it appears that they have been married for some considerable time.

James Douglas is another child the couple has been blessed with. On November 20, 2021 he was born and after five days in the hospital he was released.

Jomboy provided a wonderful account of her baby’s birth on Instagram. She said that because James was born with a fever, she had spent two days in the ICU as a precaution and two days in labor.

He expressed his pride in his wife Kaitlyn after the birth. He said that she and James, the baby, did not cry, but he did.

The aforementioned source claims that Jimmy and his wife were seen cutting a birthday cake. We snuck into a secret wedding to start the year off the best we could, writes Jimmy.

Jomboy’s Instagram is awash with pictures of his devoted wife and young son, who is 1 year old. He annoys his wife a lot, which makes their connection quite endearing.

Jimmy O’Brien aka Jomboy age and wiki

Jimmy O’Brien’s biography on Wikipedia states that he was born in 1989 and is 33 years old. He grew up in New Jersey until he was eight years old.

Jomboy got a job as a videographer after finishing college. In 2015, he created the popular video “Scaring My Mom With a Fake Dog,” in which he repeatedly pranks his mother. He later sold the film rights for $4,000.

The “Talkin’ Yanks” podcast, which O’Brien and his friend Jake Storiale started in 2017 and which was produced by David Mendelsohn, grew in popularity, inspiring O’Brien to raise money and turn Jomboy Media into a gig. full time by the end of 2018.

While watching a Yankees game, O’Brien discovered that Aaron Boone’s altercation with umpire Brennan Miller had been picked up by microphones on an MLB.TV broadcast, and posted the clip of the argument with subtitles describing what happened. said.

Baseball enthusiast Jomboy is active on Twitter.

Jomboy, also known as Jimmy, is a baseball enthusiast who shares funny stories about many sports, including baseball, soccer, and cricket. However, he is more focused on baseball than anything else.

Jimmy stated that while he loves baseball and the New York Yankees, he is not a reporter on his Twitter bio. Jimmy uses the Twitter handle @Jomboy_ and is active there. The sports fanatic has a large following on Twitter. On his account, he has close to 500k followers.

Jimmy creates sports related videos for social media. He is an American baseball lover who posts movies about sports on social media. Since he made a popular closed-captioned video revealing what New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone said during a dispute with a baseball umpire in 2019, Jomboy has become well known online.

He gained attention after posting several movies in 2017 that purported to show the Houston Astros intercepting signals. O’Brien is known for his ability to analyze sports news and read lips.