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According to the authorities, a situation occurred in Alabama on a football field where Johnny Mims, the band director at Minor High School, was tased by the police after refusing to stop the performance of his band for the audience.Due to his persistence in persuading his adolescent band members to continue performing long after the football game had ended, Mims now faces accusations of disorderly behavior, harassment, and resisting arrest, according to official documents.

The Superintendent of Jefferson County Schools, Dr. Walter Gonsoulin, released a statement on Friday, September 16, in the afternoon.”We are aware of the incident that happened following the football game between Minor and Jackson-Olin. I’m gathering all the information now, so I don’t think it would be acceptable to make any further comments until I’m done. I beg you not to draw any hasty assumptions.

Johnny Mims Age

Johnny Mims is 38 years old.

Johnny Mims Incident Detail

Police were attempting to clear the Jackson-Olin High School stadium after Minor High School’s convincing 27-0 victory over the Mustangs when the incident occurred.Mims allegedly told his students to continue playing their music even when the home team complied with the police’s instruction to end their performance.

Law authorities repeatedly requested Mims to stop the music so that attendees and students could leave the stadium.Unfortunately, these demands were ignored, which resulted in the Birmingham Police Department’s decision to decide to take him into jail.

Mims and the arresting cops got into a fight after that, during which he allegedly fought being taken into custody, refused to put his hands behind his back, and even shoved one of the officers.

The arresting officer used a Taser to respond to the physical altercation, which put an end to the battle. The decision to take Minor into custody was taken during the officers’ conversation with Minor’s band director, according to the department.

The violent altercation stopped when the arresting officer used a Taser to restrain the band director, according to a statement from the police. As per protocol, Mims sought medical attention at a hospital after the event before being freed and taken to a jail in Birmingham. He was later granted a bond and released.

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