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On September 16, the Drug Enforcement Administration released aerial surveillance footage that helped catch fugitive criminal Danelo Cavalcante. According to NBC10 Philadelphia, around 1 am on the morning of his capture, Cacalcante attempted to conceal west of PA Route 100 and north of Prizer Road, but the DEA plane, equipped with thermal imaging, was able to identify his heat signature.

In order to prevent a repeat of the spectacular escape by inmate Danelo Cavalcante from the Pennsylvania jail, modifications are being made.According to Chester County officials, jail officials have temporarily improved the facility’s security, adding a new barrier that prevents access to the prison’s roof.

Danelo Cavalcante Age

Danelo Cavalcante is 34 years old.

Danelo Cavalcante Incident Detail

Cavalcante made his way across the roof, dove through the barbed wire, and crab-walked up a brick wall to get away. The new barrier prohibiting roof access, according to TMZ, is concealed by the razor wire. Prison guards were stationed on the watchtower when the prisoner escaped during exercise time in the yard. Guards will reportedly now stand in different locations when prisoners are in the yard, according to reports.

After Cavalcante’s escape was caught on camera, Chester County Prison reportedly sent a guard to the prison roof and is reviewing its monitoring procedures.He broke out of jail and spent two weeks subsisting on watermelon and creek water before being apprehended about 18 miles from the facility. He hid his trash during that time to avoid being discovered.

The Chester County Commissioners apparently accepted a contract to build a permanent fence across the prison’s exercise yards as a result of Danelo’s escape.On the Wednesday after his arrest, Cavalcante was sent to SCI Phoenix, a high-security facility in Montgomery County, where he will now serve his obligatory life sentence.

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