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Pennsylvania Senator and Democrat John Fetterman returned from the brink of death after suffering a near-fatal stroke before winning his seat last year. Fetterman, 53, was re-admitted to the hospital on Wednesday, February 8, after feeling dizzy while attending a Democratic Senate retreat in Washington. Fetterman spent his second night in the hospital yesterday as doctors monitored him for signs of seizures, the spokesman said.

Doctors have already ruled out the possibility of another stroke based on MRI and other tests. The spokesperson added that there were no signs of seizure as of last night. After the stroke in May, just days before the Democratic primary, Fetterman experienced auditory processing issues. He has relied on closed captioning to help him communicate ever since. During the midterms, he continued to campaign for him in one of the most competitive and closely watched Senate races in the nation.

John Fetterman Age

John Fetterman is 53 years old.

Incident Detail

Fetterman was implanted with a pacemaker and defibrillator after his stroke. According to his doctors, he did not suffer any cognitive damage. The former mayor of Braddock said he was slowly improving despite sometimes slurring his words. Fetterman’s Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, had tried to capitalize on the Democrat’s health in an attempt to revive his struggling candidacy.

Meanwhile, Republicans and other conservative talk show hosts persistently raised doubts about his ability and asked whether he was fit enough to serve the people. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson called it “unapologetic brain damage,” while many Republicans accused him of exaggerating his condition.

Fetterman ultimately emerged as the race winner by five points. “There are a lot of people who understand disability and the struggle, and he won big,” said Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pennsylvania, according to The New York Times. Carlson continued to lash out at Fetterman despite the fact that the latter remained hospitalized. ”

Sad, but also, you wonder, what’s going on?” Carlson said, citing the fact that many people wondered if he was up for the job when he came to Congress. Fetterman has been participating in committee hearings and caucus luncheons since he came to the Senate in January.

He also met frequently with constituent groups and fellow senators. He attended President Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday night and was participating in a one-day party retreat at the Library of Congress when he felt dizzy and decided to seek help at George Washington University Hospital.

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